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The download of the teleseminar “Suicide, Trauma, the Hemispheres and
Empathy” is available for free in the store in perpetuity.  Please download the  mp3 audio and materials  from the links below:

Suicide Trauma the Hemispheres and Empathy

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Cultivating our resonating and compassionate self-witness

Nice sounding words, but they may seem like they are being spoken in a foreign language.  The experience of self-compassion can be elusive and even unthinkable.  If we are starting from this place, we need to have solid, repeated bodily knowings of receiving resonance in order to move in the direction of having warmth for ourselves.

Part of the work I do is to plant seeds of self-compassion, in myself and others – and here is a recording of a guided meditation to help us find our self-compassionate witness:

Compassionate Self-Witness Meditation 

Empathy Changes Us

Do you sometimes have a sense of being stuck in your journey through life?  Or that you are seeing the same scenery out your emotional window, even though time is passing? Do you long to connect to a sense of richness and meaning that will let you have deep and satisfying relationships with your family, your work and yourself?

My passion circles around creating opportunities to experience healing empathy and resonance, both one-on-one and in small groups, in person and on the phone, that bring people more and more fully into relationship with Self and Others.

When we understand some basics about how the brain is changed by relationship, and we begin to ask our bodies for the stories of our emotions and our longings, our work to create self-compassion and compassion for others is given wings.

The archives on the left contain the writing I’m doing about this convergence of Interpersonal Neurobiology (the synthesis work of Daniel Siegel, Bonnie Badenoch, Allan Schore, Louis Cozolino and others) and somatic empathy (the healing work of Nonviolent Communication)  often containing stories from my teaching work in a women’s prison or healing stories.

Below are two short interviews that Mika Maniwa did with me, the first about holding ourselves with care as we work with shame, dissociation or confusion, and the second about the inherent difficulty of moving into a compassionate relationship with self.

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Going Into and Coming Out of Freeze

Why Self-Compassion Is So Difficult

As I explore this territory, I invite you to join me.  I offer monthly teleseminars which you can participate in on the phone from all over the world (or receive the recordings of), exploring themes like addiction, grief, shame, attachment patterns.  I offer one-on-one depth empathy sessions, and coaching support for integration of these approaches into teaching, workshop and session work.  There are regular workshops in Portland, OR and Vancouver, BC, and occasionally in Seattle, WA.  I offer an in-person year-long group in Vancouver, BC.  In addition, in partnership with Gloria Lybecker, we facilitate a year-long “Self in the World” telephone community, which opens once a year in the spring.

Interested in the Convergence of Nonviolent Communication and Interpersonal Neurobiology?

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