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Your brain can change.

Sarah Peyton, Certified Trainer of Nonviolent Communication (NVC), brings a strong background in  Interpersonal Neurobiology (IPNB) to the depth healing work that is possible with needs-based  empathy. She offers workshops, classes and empathy sessions for individuals, couples and groups  worldwide focused on giving life to our own Resonating Self-Witness and creating warm community.  This work integrates cutting edge neuroscience research with the healing potential of somatic-based  empathy.

"Working with Sarah helped me nurture and grow my own self-compassion.  For the first time, it makes sense to both turn inward for comfort and reach out to others for support.  - C. Baker, Vancouver, BC

You make sense.

As people learn about themselves with resonance and understanding, they are freed to find their own way to healing and the natural expression of who they were born to be. The essence of this work is to learn to resonate with ourselves and others so that our foundational and generous selves are unearthed from implicit entanglements and supported to be as integrated and complex as we are supposed to be.

Working with Sarah, you will be delighted by the self-compassion that arises from understanding how language and resonance change our brains, heal trauma and give us new energy,  well-being and choice. Working with Sarah in NVC & IPNB classes, groups and year-long programs, or in 1:1 empathy sessions, you will:

- Experience resonance and learn how it supports fluidity and growth

- Radically change judgments and self-criticism into delight and connection

- Internalize your Resonating Self-Witness: grow in self-understanding and self-compassion

- Nurture and nourish your own capacity for self-care & put down burdens of limiting beliefs and self-hate

- Transform entrenched family patterns into freedom with constellation work

- Integrate cutting edge neuroscience into your work with yourself and others

- Stay connected with the latest research coming out of social neuroscience labs all over the world

Take back your life.

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Free audio downloads

Suicide, Trauma, the Hemispheres and Empathy; Why Self-Compassion Is So Difficult; March Intro Call to 2015 Depth Empathy Program: Loving Self; Going Into and Coming Out of Freeze; Body Connection Meditation  (Vagus Nerve); Hormones of Gender; How to Be Gentle with Your Self: and The Art of Self-Compassion.

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