Finding Anger's Life Force: an NVC and Trauma-Informed Look at Transforming Conflict

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Finding Anger’s Life Force: an NVC and Trauma-Informed Look at Transforming Conflict

October 27 @ 9:30 am - October 28 @ 4:30 pm

Everyone gets angry, and anger, both expressed and unexpressed, is the most common cause of relational disconnection. This disconnection can be with others, but it can also be with self. Unknown and unexpressed anger can ruin our health, but all of us have had experiences where we have tried to create healthy boundaries and have lost relationships. We have few opportunities to explore models of anger as life-serving, necessary, and supportive of our immune systems and our well-being.

Working experientially, with creativity and compassion, we will explore the (complex) creative life force of our healthy anger, and the enormous potential for transformation in our relationships with ourselves, each other and the planet.

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Participants will come away with:

– An understanding of the extraordinary communication and power that resides within our healthy anger
– Skills to move conflict into relational language, to help defuse anger as a force directed at others, and to invite self-responsibility
– A deep experience of resonance and how to invite it with others
– Greater self-understanding and self-compassion
– A working knowledge of the purpose of blame, and how to unite anger and mourning

Through Nonviolent Communication and an understanding of the impact of our life experience and relationships on the brain, Sarah Peyton illustrates what happens when we communicate and opens pathways to being in resonant relationship.

Join us for this exciting opportunity to explore the latest developments in relational neuroscience, and experience the rebirth of self-compassion and understanding for others that comes with a deeper understanding of how we all make sense.

“Who is this workshop for?”

—If you are interested in becoming skillful honest and present with anger, yours or another’s, and transforming it into the life-serving energy of determination, focus, effective collaborative action, and compassion.

—If you would like to find your way into deeper connections with self or other based on the universal human needs beneath the anger

—If you’d like to experience the transformation of anger’s energy into the beauty of making choices,  self-determination, clarity, and maturation

—Mental Health Practitioners, Healers, and Coaches, if you care for people from a trauma-informed perspective, here’s support for trauma healing that is respectful and connecting.

—If you tell yourself it’s not okay to be angry if you are ashamed when you feel angry, if you are frightened around anger, if you avoid anger, this workshop is for you.

—If at any time you see yourself or another as an “angry person”, come to release that, and learn what anger can teach you about your needs that matter.



Final Deadline for Registration: 7 Days Before the Start of the Program

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October 27 @ 9:30 am
October 28 @ 4:30 pm
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