Transforming the Critical Inner Voice: A Free Webinar

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Transforming the Critical Inner Voice: A Free Webinar

October 4 @ 5:00 am - 6:15 pm


Wednesday, Oct 4


Pacific (California) Time


Recording included

This is a Zoom course: Zoom technology allows everyone the choice to see other participants and to be seen. (Recordings will display images of only the active speakers.)

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If you’ve ever made a point of trying to be kinder, more compassionate and less judgmental of yourself – and then not been able to do it… did you kick yourself even further down the rabbit hole of self-disapproval, did you wonder how to end the unstoppable downward spiral?

Where does that critical inner voice come from, and what purpose can it possibly serve?

These are exactly the questions we are going to look into during Transforming the Savage Inner Voice: A Preview Course; a free introductory course that will set the stage for Sarah Peyton’s full 6 week course coming up in October: Your Resonant Self: Transforming the Critical Inner Voice.

During this preview course you will have the opportunity to explore how powerful NVC is in helping you notice both your inner and outer language; how it points to the needs, passions and deepest values that lie beneath your words, thoughts and actions.

This preview course will also introduce the power of body-connected resonance and help you understand how empathy affects the human brain and how to bring precision and beauty to the empathy process.

You can expect to work on topics such as:

  • Hearing what the savage inner voice is really saying
  • Differentiating the parts of self that are critical from those that are ashamed
  • Understanding the needs behind criticism
  • Bringing empathy to support to these needs
  • Working with the neuroscience of the right and left brain hemispheres

Together we will use NVC to explore ways to clear our language of disruptive judgments, criticism and blame and replace them with awareness, emotional/physical relaxation and self-compassion!

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October 4
5:00 am - 6:15 pm