Your Resonant Self for Healers and Others: Application Week (Eagle Creek, Oregon)

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Your Resonant Self for Healers and Others: Application Week (Eagle Creek, Oregon)

March 29, 2019 - April 5, 2019

This retreat is the 2nd part of two full week explorations of Sarah’s Your Resonant Self material. If you are longing for ways to bring the book material from the page into real life for others, in either one-on-one or group settings, this is for you!

Are you hoping for new tools and insights to support your clients, empathy receivers, or groups who seem stuck in depression and anxiety, patterns of dissociation, addiction and blocked access to joy and play?

Do you know how to tell the difference in your clients, students and empathy receivers between anxious-fear and anxious-loneliness?

And that learning how to detect the source of another’s anxiety, and using empathic words that match that source, can help support others to finally have movement in their experience of anxiety?

Do you feel bewildered at how to facilitate a space for clients and others to truly feel and honor their rage, without moving into left-hemisphere blame and predatory aggression?

Are you aware that our emotional window of tolerance, as practitioners, determines the extent to which our clients, students and empathy receivers can learn to experience and hold their own emotions?


Many therapists, coaches, facilitators and other healing practitioners have deep commitment and intention for kindness and allyship with clients… yet most haven’t yet been supported to understand that their OWN capacity for resonance, and their OWN relational window of tolerance for emotions determines the extent to which their clients can experience movement and healing.

This retreat has two main goals:

  1. To help you, the practitioner, continue to understand how to use the latest relational neuroscience concepts along with resonant language and attunement to become deep and supportive allies in your clients’ healing; and  
  2. To continue to support people teaching this material in groups, classes and businesses to bring experiential explorations to life so that integration happens.


This is a 7-day event that moves through the key concepts and exercises of the second half of Sarah’s book, Your Resonant Self, one day per chapter. This is the 2nd week of two retreats that cover the content of YRS in full. (Click here to see Week 1 description.)

The first evening begins after dinner, at 7 PM. Each day after, the retreat goes from 9 AM – 6 PM with morning, afternoon, and lunch breaks. There are evening activities on some of the days, including constellations led by Sarah, and other optional participant-organized gatherings.

The workshop will consist of Sarah lecturing and moving participants through an experiential learning process to understand the brain concepts and have time for practice and integration.

Here are the topics and plan for each day:

DAY ONE: Claiming Anger’s Creative Gifts

  • Understanding anger: the RAGE circuit
  • The state of FIGHT
  • Detoxing anger
  • Expression skills

DAY TWO: Returning from Dissociation

  • The two kinds of dissociation
  • Dissociation and the immobilization effect in the vagus nerve
  • The enteric nervous system
  • Empathy for dissociation
  • Practicing gentleness
  • Understanding shame

DAY THREE: How Brains Respond to Accompaniment: Attachment

  • The importance of our earliest relationships
  • The transgenerational transmission of attachment patterns, relational timing, and patterns of regulation and dysregulation
  • The microscale of attachment and mirror neurons
  • The family vagus nerve and the family heart
  • Healing attachment wounds
  • Earned secure attachment

DAY FOUR: Healing Self-Hate and Disorganized Attachment

  • The impact of trauma on the savage DMN
  • Windows of welcome/windows of tolerance
  • Self-hate as a tragic attempt at self-regulation
  • Understanding disorganized/traumatic attachment

DAY FIVE: Gently Healing Depression

  • Depression, anxiety and negative self-talk
  • Depression and loneliness
  • Warmth for depression
  • Bringing in resources from outside the self

DAY SIX: Leaving Behind Addictions and Compulsions: The Contributions of Self-Understanding and Resonance

  • Identifying and transforming negative self-talk in addictions/compulsions
  • Transgenerational trauma, lightening the load we carry from parents/grandparents, and working with nervous system contracts

DAY SEVEN: Joy, Community, and Our Outside Voice: Bringing Our Resonating Self-Witness to Others

  • Understanding and experiencing the effect of resonant language with excitement, delight and joy
  • Contracts that reduce joy to ensure belonging



The retreat rooms are completely sold out for YRS Working with Others #2  

Email Sarah for hotel quotes!

There are some airbnb’s in the area (best used with a rental car) 

Between $1000 – $1450, depending on when you register and pay, plus room and board.  See below to calculate your cost:


  • In order to secure the early-bird rates, you must register and pay by the dates above.
  • $500 of your tuition payment is non-refundable and non-transferrable. Payments are refundable up to 32 days before the program start date.
  • *Hotel room cost shown is an estimate only; please contact Sarah for the exact rate at time of registration
  • Room and board payments are due 45 days before program start and are only refundable up to 32 days before the program start date.
  • If paying by paypal, please add 3% to cover paypal fees. Write Sarah at to pay by check.
  • For people registering for retreats less than two weeks in advance of the start of the retreat, the Alton Collins Retreat Center cannot guarantee that they can support special diet requests.
  • Final Deadline for Registration: 7 Days Before the Start of the Program


To register please fill out this form to send an email to Sarah.


March 29, 2019
April 5, 2019
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