Your Resonant Self: Intro Week

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Your Resonant Self: Intro Week

April 10 - April 14

with Sarah Peyton, certified NVC trainer and author

Dates: Tues April 10 to Sat April 14, 2018

Location: Stanley Park Ecology Centre, Vancouver, Canada

Do you have the sense that your life, your relationships and your work are shadows of what they could be? Perhaps you’ve been practicing self-compassion meditations and books for years, but still struggle to be warm and accepting towards yourself?

Many of us believe we are our to-do lists, and measure our worth by what we are able to do, or our lack of worth by how far we have fallen behind. Would you love to have a taste of who you would be if you were fully supported, both by self and by others?

Based on the book Your Resonant Self, (Norton Publishing, September 2017), this retreat will take you through the foundational understandings, skills and steps needed to nurture a practice of self-warmth.

This will be the first of two retreats designed to accompany the book. This Intro Week focuses on getting to know your default network, and becoming acquainted with all the blocks and openings to self-connection. It will be very experiential, with lots of movement and sweetness. The second of these two retreats, which  are available either combined or as stand-alone experiences, will run from June 15- 22, 2018 near Portland, Oregon.

We’ve extended the deadline for early registration to Feb. 24th.

Here are more details:

Tuesday, April 10 to and including Saturday, April 14, 2018
9:30 am to 5:30 pm every day
Stanley Park Dining Pavilion, Vancouver, BC
Upstairs in the Salmonberry Room
Here is a link for directions to the site:
Early bird registration by Feb. 24th – $600.00*
Registration by March 15th – $700.00
Registration after March 16th – $800.00
Reduced tuition spots will be considered once we receive enough registrations to cover basic costs.
If we must cancel the retreat for any unforeseen reason then all monies will be returned.
And if you decide to change your plans then we will return all but the $500 non-refundable deposit as indicated on our flyer.
I’d just like to remind you of these pre-requisites. Reading Sarah’s book will help you integrate more deeply any learning during the retreat:
• I am willing to learn, and to support others in their learning.
• I have read the book, Your Resonant Self, up until whatever point I was no longer able to read
• I have completed the on-line Intro to Resonant Language program
• Or, I have listened to the recordings of the Intro to Resonant Language program and have completed and submitted the worksheets and journal pages
• Or, I am experienced in the use of Nonviolent Communication to support self-warmth in internal processes and to support others who are touching their own emotional experience. Please write to Sarah to describe your experience to have this prerequisite waived
And if you have any questions, feel free to call or email me back.
Part 1: How We Talk to Ourselves: The Default Mode Network
• Identifying the sound and tone of the DMN
• How negative core beliefs reveal the DMN
• A basic geography of the brain
• Understanding the importance of self-warmth
Part 2: Staying in Emotional Balance: Healthy Self-Regulation
• The benefits of warm accompaniment
• Attunement
• Resonance
• The skills of resonant language
• How resonance regulates us and strengthens the brain
• Hearing the voice of the body
Part 1: Developing Self-Kindness: Introducing the Resonating Self-Witness
• The Resonating Self-Witness
• Feelings vocabulary
• Oxytocin
• Panksepp’s circuits, particularly care
• Tying these concepts into our understanding of self-regulation
Part 2: Taming the Inner Critic: Hearing the Attempt to Contribute
• Returning to the DMN, working with the self-critical voice
• The hemispheres
• Getting to know the left hemisphere and its dismissive voice
• Needs vocabulary
DAY THREE: Calming Anxiety: Moving Toward Trust
• The foundations of anxiety
• Anxiety and Panksepp’s circuits
• Considering our prenatal life and the thermostat of anxiety
• Building self-empathy skills
• Time traveling into the future
DAY FOUR: Time Traveling With Resonance: Healing Old Hurts
• Time, trauma and the brain
• Explicit and implicit memory
• Understanding the vagus nerve, freeze and dissociation
• Time traveling into the past to heal trauma
DAY FIVE: Vanquishing Ancient Fears
• Understanding fear: the FEAR circuit
• The state of FLIGHT
• Distinguishing between FEAR and GRIEF/PANIC
• Panic attacks, phobias
• Making the world a safe place


April 10
April 14




Stanley Park Ecology Center
610 Pipeline Rd
Vancouver, British Columbia Canada
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