Empathy Brain Distance Learning Programs

Distance learning

Immerse yourself in empathy & Interpersonal Neurobiology: learn & participate in telephone and on-line community from home.


Resonant Empathy Monthly Demo Call. Single or Series (Telephone)

Sarah offers free 45 minute depth empathy to one person observed by resonating learners and 15 minutes for q&a and debrief.

 IPNB and Empathy Monthly Teleseminar. Single or Series (Telephone and Web-Based)
1.5 hour IPNB & NVC Teleseminar. Sarah explores current research on the brain and how we change and heal in relationship.

Year-long Immersion and Practice Program. (Telephone and Web-Based)
The annual distance depth empathy program is led by Sarah Peyton and Gloria Lybecker.

2015-16 Home Study Program. Loving Self: A Self-Compassion Program
Deepen your self-compassion from home with learning material and personal support from an assistant for one yea

Making Marketing Happen Home Study Course:  Empathy Based Business Support 
led by Sarah Peyton and Gloria Lybecker

Resonant Empathy Demo Call Series (Telephone)


Sarah offers a 45 minute depth empathy to one person observed by resonating learners followed by 15 minutes for q&a and debrief. 

Join a circle of learners as a resonant witness in order to deepen your own empathy capacity and enrich your practice as an empathy giver and receiver. Experience and learn about the power of depth empathy in a series of demo calls that integrate body based experience, resonant language, and a knowledge of interpersonal neurobiology. In this series Sarah offers empathy to one person who is willing to be observed by resonating learners. The calls create an understanding of the way that the language of empathy changes the brain and heals us. There are 15 minutes for questions and debrief at the end of the call. Please contact me to sign up to receive a witnessed session for free and/or if you’d like to be a resonating learner in attendance or receive the recording ($30).

 - Monthly 60 minute sessions

- $30 per session to learn by witnessing and/or receive the recording or $240 for the 2016 series (recorded and live).

- A pre-registered volunteer receives 45 minutes of depth empathy - 15 minutes for questions and debrief. 

- Register with Sarah sarahpeyton@empathybrain.com. Pay by check or I’ll bill you via paypal for each session you registered for.

Calls are at 2pm Pacific time on the following dates:

11/1. 12/13.

2017 series – register before Dec. 1 and pay only $200.

After Dec. 1, the full series cost is $275

Calls are at 2pm Pacific time on the following dates:

1/17, 2/21, 3/7, 4/11, 5/30, 6/20, 7/25, 8/1, 9/12, 10/10, 11/21, and 12/19

IPNB and Empathy Teleseminar. Single or Series (Telephone and Web)


A Monthly IPNB Teleseminar with Sarah is a 1-1/2 hour exploration of current research into the brain and how it behaves in relationship. Sarah uses the lenses of Interpersonal Neurobiology (IPNB) and Nonviolent Communication (NVC) to emphasize how we change and heal in relationship with one another. The participants call in on a joint conference call line while viewing a web-based visual presentation, to engage the information through multiple channels. There is usually an additional 1/2 hour wrap-up after the initial session is over so that people can comment on what is significant to them – this provides the learning community with another way to integrate the information. Recordings and visuals are provided to participants and subscribers, and are for sale after the teleseminar is over in the store here on this website.

- $20 per drop in and/or recording of session

- 1 year subscription price (11 teleseminars) for $170

- Registration for 1 year complete upon purchase

- Payment in full only, via check or paypal

Sessions schedule: 7-8.30 p.m. Pacific time:

IPNB and Empathy Teleseminar in April, Tuesday evening 5/30 at 7pm Pacific time: The Precuneus and the Sense of Self: Differentiating Self from Other (90 minutes with optional 30 min q&a afterwards)

How do we know who we are? What forms us and gives us a sense of self? How do we know others? And how do we tell others apart from ourselves? These are the questions that we will investigate during May’s teleseminar. The more we know about how we know ourselves, the easier it is to understand where things may have gone awry. In order to fully exist, we need to be seen, understood and reflected with empathy. We also do much better when we exist within the brains of the people who are closest to us. When those people can hold a consistent and reliable representation of us within them, when those people can remember us, we learn to know and remember ourselves. Join Sarah for an exploration of self in relationship with other.

Led by Sarah Peyton.  $20 per drop-in (and/or recording of) phone session, one session monthly, 7-8:30 p.m.Pacific time, upcoming sessions on: 

·         June 13 (Brain Waves and Empathy)

·         July 25 (Asperger’s and Autism: How Empathy can Contribute)

·         August 8 (Safety: How to Claim it With Resonant Empathy)

·         September 12 (Glial Cells, Memory, Brain Fitness and Empathy)

·         October 24 (Addiction, Habits and Free Will: Empathy for Choice and Decision Fatigue, with a nod to the Basal Ganglia)

·         November 28 (Power and Privilege: Neuroscience and Empathy)

·         December 19 (FREE telecall)

·         January (The Writer’s Mind: The Importance of Empathy and Neuroscience)

·         February (The Right Hemisphere: Home of Empathy)

·         March (Money and Empathy)

Register for the series with Sarah Peyton at sarahpeyton@empathybrain.com.  Payment via check or paypal.

Empathy Brain Distance Learning Programs

Empathy and Beyond with Sarah Peyton and Gloria Lybecker (Telephone and Web)


Empathy and Beyond with Sarah Peyton and Gloria Lybecker

a 9-month telephone/webinar program

Join Sarah and Gloria for a 9 month exploration (beginning Sept 19 & 20, 2016) of the cutting edge of process work: the convergence of resonant language, working with transgenerational trauma, and acknowledging the historical forces that have an affect with family.

On Monday evenings you will have the opportunity to work several times with Sarah Peyton over the course of the program in a 45 minute depth-empathy session within the circle of warm community. Additionally, every 5th week there will be a community empathy circle where all people are held and acknowledged.

In a time when it’s getting more and more difficult to work one-on-one with Sarah, this is an opportunity to receive sustained support over the 9-month period, as well as experiencing resonate healing from being present with the work that others do. Sarah has been bringing together IPNB, NVC, and family constellation work all over the world for the last 5 years and her work has become progressively more integrated and supportive of participants moving slowly into the present moment, unencumbered by ancient nervous system vows and family entanglements. We will be experimenting with ZOOM technology so you will be able to see the people who are talking.

On Tuesdays at noon you will have the opportunity to work consistently with Gloria Lybecker focusing on depth-empathy processes which support deeper brain integration, self-connection, and the creation of warm accompaniment. Working with Gloria supports you to become aware of your Whole Being – mind, body, emotion, and spirit. Gloria has worked with individuals, couples, families and groups for over 16 years supporting participants to release patterns of surviving that have outlived their usefulness and discover how to thrive in the present. 


Last week when we held you, Gloria, in the empathy circle it was very healing for me.  As we took turns reflecting your information and making empathy guesses, I could hear how deep you were healing in your trauma.  This was so encouraging because when it is safe for our teacher to share so deeply how could it not be safe for me!  At one point I made a comment about why should you even bother to continue to deal with this person, your answer opened a whole new level of connection for me.  Walking away from a difficult conversation where one is getting triggered seemed like a sensible thing to do.  Instead you wanted to continue your own healing by staying present with this person listening to your body and responding with open arms.  What a huge revelation!  My heart opened and is inspired to be in relationships in a different way.  Many opportunities or options are available to me when having conversations with “difficult” people, or as my eyes are opened “traumatized” brothers or sisters. Sincerely, Rhoda 

What has served me ever since our last empathy circle, Gloria, was you giving a clear example --and elucidating it with your words-- about how when we're triggered in the present time and we can be with that trigger in a new way, perhaps with our compassionate witness, then it heals the past. That's what I understood. And I notice in my life now that I can have episodes of being split between an enmeshment in my story, and presence in the moment. And that presence in the moment can be comprised of compassion, of witnessing, of gratitude. Anything that brings me back to the wholeness of my sense of self. Love from the center, and gratitude, Turiya 

I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to participate in Sarah and Gloria’s program.  It met needs and nourished me in so many ways.  For me it has truly been a lifeline to resonance and healing, and unlike any other program I’ve ever experienced.  Your leadership combined with the circle of participants soon engendered a deep sense of trust, safety, connection and belonging; a space where awe and wonder could blossom.  I am so deeply grateful. – Marilyn 

I enjoyed Sarah's book and learned a great deal from it. The program was very helpful and beneficial to learn and understand empathy, especially to understand how the brain works to better know oneself and how to put out (be) in the world. - Joan 

This program includes a subscription to Sarah’s monthly IPNB teleseminar series for the duration of the program. People from all over the world have participated in these telephone depth empathy programs receiving tremendous benefit from the consistent support and learning. Weekly empathy buddy pairings are also available as a part of this program, making the total number of hours that you could be in the presence of empathy 105 hours.

You are always welcome to attend both sessions. There may be some Monday nights that Gloria will substitute for Sarah, and/or there may be some rescheduling so that Sarah will be able to hold the Monday night calls. This program includes a subscription to Sarah’s monthly IPNB teleseminar series for the duration of the program. There will be an empathy buddy partnership for those who are interested in participating.

To apply to be an active participant of this program, the cost is $1000 for a one-time payment and $1125 for a payment plan. In service of creating warm community we request a commitment for the entire program.

Applications are currently being accepted for 2016 click here

Terms and Conditions: $250 non-refundable deposit must accompany your application. You will receive a confirmation e-mail and payment schedule when you are accepted into the program. Once you are accepted into the program, your deposit of $250 is non-refundable. If you are choosing a payment plan with registration, the total is $1125 or $125/mo.

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL - $950 when paid in full by July 29, 2016

- $975 when paid in full by August 29, 2016

After August 29, 2016 Only $1000 when paid in full - $1125 for a payment plan

If you cancel before 14 days of the program your payment will be refunded less deposit. If you cancel within 14-0 days of the program starting 50% of tuition will be refunded less deposit. No refunds will be given after the program starts. No exceptions to this policy.

2015-16 Home Study. Loving Self: A Self-Compassion Program

For people who are interested in deepening their capacity for self-compassion, and integrating Interpersonal Neurobiology concepts and learnings, there is now an extraordinary opportunity: work at home with reading material and recordings, and receive personal support from an assistant well-versed in this material for a period of one year.

The reading material is Sarah’s unpublished book, "Resonant Self: Healing the Brain’s Critical Voice." The recordings and powerpoint slide decks follow a group doing a year’s worth of depth work with Sarah. The processes provide the opportunity for inspiration and resonant healing.

Each recording includes: 

Guided Meditation & Check-in -  approx. 15 – 30 minutes
Short talk based on the visuals – approx. 30 minutes
One depth process – approx. 20 minutes
Check-out – approx. 10 minutes

This program includes a subscription to Sarah’s monthly IPNB teleseminar series starting the month that you enroll. There is also a Facebook page where you can connect with others who are enrolled in the home study program. Once enrolled, you will be assigned an assistant and can receive a minimum of monthly support sessions of one hour via phone or skype from this person. You will be able to view the content from the course page under your profile. 

 Cost $625, one-time payment.

Empathy Brain Distance Learning Programs

Making Marketing Happen Home Study Course: Empathy Based Business Support


Are you a secret entrepreneur? Are you challenged by marketing? Are you stumped from realizing the challenge of getting the word out about what you have to offer? Have you ever noticed that there are invisible blocks that keep you from advertising yourself effectively and letting people know what you do? Sarah and Gloria have noticed this phenomenon themselves and with their characteristic curiosity and can-do spirit they have decided to spend 2016 helping themselves and a select group of others to implement the techniques so beautifully described in one of the bibles of marketing (title to be supplied upon registration) while simultaneously exploring any emotional blocks that arise in the effort to move into the world.

Each one hour class (for a total of 25 classes) consists of a 15 minute segment on one of the chapters in the book, followed by depth processes focused on the blocks that prevent self-marketing. Processes used include sacred vow work, lightening the implicit load and constellation work. This program includes a subscription to Sarah’s monthly IPNB teleseminars and will have a support/accountability buddy option. For those who are interested there is an Equine Facilitated Learning and Coaching workshop at Gloria’s Healing with Horses Ranch.

The cost is $475 for a one-time payment - Click Here

Contact Gloria Lybecker for more information at lifefocused@gmail.com or (509) 876-1802