IPNB and Empathy Teleseminar. Single or Series (Telephone and Web)

Each monthly IPNB Teleseminar with Sarah is a 1-1/2 hour exploration of current research into the brain and how it behaves in relationship.

Sarah uses the lenses of Interpersonal Neurobiology (IPNB) and Nonviolent Communication (NVC) to emphasize how we change and heal in relationship with one another. The participants call in on a joint conference call line while viewing a web-based visual presentation, to engage the information through multiple channels. There is usually an additional 1/2 hour wrap-up after the initial session is over so that people can comment on what is significant to them – this provides the learning community with another way to integrate the information. Recordings and visuals are provided to participants and subscribers.

PRICE: $20 per drop in and/or recording of session

TIME: 7-8:30 p.m. Pacific time:


9/12/17: Self-Care for the Brain: Glial Cells, Memory and Empathy (90 minutes with optional 30 min q&a afterwards)

What kinds of self-care make your brain cells happy? What supports the work of the glial cells, the brain’s own clean-up and nourishment crew? What is the impact of sugar, street drugs, prescription drugs, different kinds of food, supplements and exercise? If we have resistance to self-care, what might it be based in? Can empathy be an effective support for making healthy brain choices? Join Sarah in September for an overview of theories of brain care and an exploration of the power of empathy to support positive choices.


  • October 24 (Addiction, Habits and Free Will: Empathy for Choice and
    Decision Fatigue, with a nod to the Basal Ganglia)
  • November 28 (Power and Privilege: The Neurobiology of Status and Group
  • December 19 (FREE telecall –empathy time traveling into the future for
  • January 30 (The IPNB of Relaxation: How to Find our Way to Ease)
  • February 27 (The Right Hemisphere: Home of Empathy)
  • March 27 (Money and Empathy)
  • April 17 (The Shadow: IPNB and Empathy)
  • May 29 (Guilt, Shame, Innocence, Loyalty and Belonging)
  • June 26 (Intuition: Supporting Knowing Presence with Empathy and Research)
  • July (Exhaustion, Chronic Fatigue and the Hypothalamus: what can
    Empathy Bring?)
  • August (The Writer’s Mind: The Importance of Empathy and Neuroscience)

Register for the series with Sarah Peyton at sarahpeyton@empathybrain.com.  Payment via check or paypal.

Cooperative Learning and Practice Groups


If you're wanting the "scenic route" through Your Resonant Self and/or plan to teach this material to others, this group is for you. This course will support learners at the speed of 3 weeks per chapter (42 weeks), spread out over approximately 18 months. Price: $700 per person for forty-two 85 minute classes (approximately $16.50 per class, including discussion, slides, an online learning portal with handouts and other materials.)

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If you're wanting to take a faster pace through Your Resonant Self, this is a good choice. This is a briskly moving overview of the material in the book, and will support learners at the speed of 1 week per chapter (14 weeks), spread out over approximately 6 months. This class is largely informational and questions-based, rather than focused on emotional processing. $245 per person for fourteen 55 minute classes (approximately $17 per class)

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If you'd like to receive 1:1 resonant process work with Sarah, and would like to observe Sarah working with the other group members for learning and resonant healing purposes, this is for you!  This course is spread over 16 weeks of 55 minute meetings, where each person receives resonant process work with Sarah two times, spread over approximately 8 months and would be especially helpful for practitioners who would like to observe and learn from Sarah's deep process work experience. $700 per person for fourteen 55 minute sessions ($50 per session)

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If you'd like a more financially-sustainable way of receiving empathy and practicing your resonant language skills, this group is for you! Each participant will receive resonant empathy from the group 2 times, for 20 minutes each, over the 12 weeks, spread over a 6-month period. This group is for people who want to practice their resonant language skills, with an emphasis on practicing right hemisphere, resonant language, and on shifting out of the left hemisphere when speaking. Price: $400 per person for twelve 55 minute sessions ($33 per session)

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An on-line Zoom co-op group with 6 members to learn Constellation theory and practice integrated with relational neuroscience. This group is for people who want to learn the details of Constellation work and to explore adding relational neuroscience to the mix.  In this group, we will explore representing on-line, as a group, working on constellations for the group participants. 12 weeks in total, spread over 6 months. Each participant will be able to receive two constellations. Sarah will facilitate, and there will be an emphasis on sacred vow work. Price: $1050 per person for twelve 85 minute sessions ($88 per session)  

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