Pathways to a Radiant Self: A Yearlong Journey of Growth and Discovery Distance Program

Pathways to a Radiant Self: A Yearlong Journey of Growth and Discovery Distance Program



Product Description

With Gloria Lybecker

This program is designed to help you tap into your vital life energy. We will explore the energy centers located in your body using a Mind Body Inventory Sheet. Simply by bringing your attention to these areas, you will begin to shift your energy and your life. With consistent empathy support and blending aspects of the body, mind and spirit together will help you access the vital energy you need to create which will serve your life.

Join Gloria Lybecker for a year of exploring the energetic system that lies within you and discover how your external life reflects the vitality of that system. The intention of this program is to spark an interest in how you can grow and flourish from exploring the human energetic body with the tools of somatic empathy (NVC) and interpersonal neurobiology.

The grounding in somatic empathy (NVC) and interpersonal neurobiology (IPNB) will provide new inspiration and understanding of the power of healing energy. For people who are not experienced, this year will be a marvelous immersion in self-compassion and transformation. The purpose of this program is two-fold: healing and learning. Each person will be able to use their own healing journey to internalize somatic empathy, IPNB and healing energy concepts.


We will explore possible connections and patterns in your life and how you might want to shift them. As you deepen your understanding of the energy system, your understanding of the mind body connection will also deepen. With each energy center we will look at the themes, connect with and understand the element stored in each center to help you understand the essence and purpose of the energy represented.

Both Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and recent findings in the field of neuroscience will be included to support participants in experiencing why and how resonant language works to heal us from the inside out.


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