Gloria Lybecker presents: Welcoming Abundance in Life Teleseminar Package

Gloria Lybecker presents: Welcoming Abundance in Life Teleseminar Package


Product Description

 A Welcoming TeleSeminar in Life-Focused Communication (NVC)
And Interpersonal Neurobiology (IPNB)
with Gloria Lybecker

How do you break through creating whatever you choose in life? When you have two people with a similar background and one is flourishing and the other is barely making it. What’s the difference?

Limiting beliefs.

Life is a precious gift, and the gift of this moment is always here, always now, and always enough. Join Gloria in an on-going exploration of all that Life has to offer. Experience growth in all areas of life with abundant energy and an unfailing sense of peace and well-being. Experience how you can release disruptive thoughts and emotions with an amazingly simple, yet elegant method which enables you to let go of any emotion or sensation right in the moment, returning you to experience the power of abundance in life. Learning to access this way of being will be cumulative and you will notice your ability deepening as you experience each on-going session.

This Four-Week Course will cover:

  1. Discover what is blocking you from living your dream
  2. How to manifest the life you dream of
  3. Break free of limiting beliefs in today’s challenging economic times
  4. Review and Practice Welcoming Abundance in Life


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