Gratitude: how empathy creates movement

Gratitude: how empathy creates movement


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IPNB and Empathy Teleseminar, Tuesday evening 11/22 at 7pm Pacific time

Ever since I was in a university IPNB class several years ago where the professor was relentlessly expounding on the benefits of gratitude (improved health, and stress and trauma resiliency) and how bewildered he was that everyone did not dedicate themselves to gratitude practices, I have wondered about the interrelationship between attachment style and easy expressions of thankfulness. Happily, in the intervening years, others have wondered about this, too, and they have found a correlation between having a secure attachment style and having easeful gratitude experiences. In this teleseminar we will explore the latest research into gratitude, and continue our journey toward resonant self-warmth and earned secure attachment.


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