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A Monthly IPNB Teleseminar with Sarah is a 1-1/2 hour exploration of current research into the brain and how it behaves in relationships. Sarah uses the lenses of Interpersonal Neurobiology (IPNB) and Nonviolent Communication (NVC) to emphasize how we change and heal in relationship to and with one another. The participants call in on a joint conference call line while viewing a web-based visual presentation, to engage the information through multiple channels. There is usually an additional 1/2 hour wrap-up after the initial session is over so that people can comment on what is significant to them – this provides the learning community with another way to integrate the information. Recordings and visuals are provided to participants and subscribers, and are for sale after the teleseminar is over in the store here on this website.

– $20 per drop in and/or recording of session

– 1-year subscription price (11 teleseminars) for $170

– Registration for 1 year complete upon purchase

– Payment in full only, via check or paypal

Sessions schedule: 7-8.30 p.m. Pacific time:

•       April 19 (Parenting Brain: Facilitating Connection and Attachment Repair)
•       May 10 (Introverts and Extroverts: Where Does Empathy Come In?)
•       June 28 (Music, the Brain and Empathy)
•       July 26 (Gifts and Trials of the Highly Sensitive Person)
•       August 30 (The Precuneus and the Sense of Self: Differentiating Self
from Other)
•       September 13 (Understanding and Healing Disorganized Attachment)
•       October 4 (The right hemisphere: home of empathy)
•       November (The IPNB of Gratitude: How Empathy Supports Us)
•       January (Working the Layers: the Gradual Healing from Disordered Eating)
•       February (Addiction, Habits and Free Will: Empathy for Choice and
Decision Fatigue, with a nod to the Basal Ganglia)
•       March (Aspbergers and Autism: How Empathy can Contribute)
•       April (Safety: How to claim it with resonant empathy)
•       May (Glial Cells, Memory, Brain Fitness and Empathy)

Register with Sarah Peyton at  Payment via check, this product page, or paypal.

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