Dissociation: Recognition and Healing

Dissociation: Recognition and Healing


Join Sarah as she discusses dissociation.

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Everyone lives with some degree of dissociation.  Dissociation can be the heritage of helplessness, hopelessness, or terror, and was originally our best choice for survival.

It continues to be a helpful strategy when we want to focus on intellectual activity; when we need to stay in one place (like behind a desk at work or school); when things are overwhelming and we don’t have time or support to untangle all of the complex things that we are feeling or thinking; or when we are in protective shock.  There are other times when it is not helpful to dissociate.  It is painful when we disappear but we would prefer to be present, or when we’re in an argument and we are suddenly unable to advocate for ourselves or say what we mean.  Join Sarah for a discussion of the roots of dissociation, how it happens in the brain, how to recognize its effects in our lives, and how to heal.