2016 Everything Teleseminar Package

2016 Everything Teleseminar Package



Product Description

This is an all in one bundle that includes all the teleseminars from 2016. You’ll learn so much about yourself and those around you as you dive into the fountains of knowledge from the following teleseminars:

January 2016 – Resonating Self-Witness: Birthing and Nurturing Your Compassionate Inner-Voice
Feb. 2016 – Healing Ambivalent Attachment
March 2016 – Temporal Lobe’s Gifts
April 2016 – Parenting Brain: Facilitating Repair
May 2016 – Introversion, Extraversion and Empathy
June 2016 – Music, the Brain and Empathy
July 2016 – Highly Sensitive Person (HSP): Gifts, Trials and Empathy
August 2016 – Dogs, Humans, Our Brains and Empathy
September 2016 – Language and Neuroplasticity
October 2016 – The Political Brain and Empathy
November 2016 – Gratitude: how empathy creates movement
December 2016 – Conflicting Sacred Vows


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