Making Marketing Happen Home Study Course: Empathy Based Business Support

Making Marketing Happen Home Study Course: Empathy Based Business Support



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With Sarah Peyton and Gloria Lybecker

Are you a secret entrepreneur? Are you challenged by marketing? Are you stumped from realizing the challenge of getting the word out about what you have to offer? Have you ever noticed that there are invisible blocks that keep you from advertising yourself effectively and letting people know what you do? Sarah and Gloria have noticed this phenomenon themselves and with their characteristic curiosity and can-do spirit they have decided to spend 2016 helping themselves and a select group of others to implement the techniques so beautifully described in one of the bibles of marketing (title to be supplied upon registration) while simultaneously exploring any emotional blocks that arise in the effort to move into the world.

Each one hour recording will consist of a 15 minute segment on one of the chapters in the book, followed by depth processes for each of the participants in turn, focusing on the blocks that prevent self-marketing. Processes that will be used will include sacred vow work, lightening the implicit load and constellation work. The program will include a subscription to Sarah’s monthly IPNB teleseminars and will have a support/accountability buddy option. For those who are interested is an opportunity to participate in an Equine Facilitated Learning and Coaching workshop weekend at Gloria’s Healing with Horses Ranch.


Contact Gloria Lybecker for more information or (509) 876-1802


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