Upcoming Webinars

January's IPNB webinar with Sarah Peyton:

Monthly IPNB and Empathy ZOOM Webinar in January, Tuesday evening 1/30 at 7pm Pacific time Scapegoating: Decoding Blame in Families and Other Systems

 (90 minutes with optional 30 min q&a afterwards)

“It’s his fault.” “If she weren’t so sensitive we wouldn’t be in this pickle.” “He brought it on himself.” “They shouldn’t be so …” Blame is the easiest of all reactions to any kind of difficulty. Human systems that are in empathy deficit are notoriously bad at adapting to new situations. The kneejerk reaction is to find the person who is at fault so that the system doesn’t have to change. Join Sarah to discover the neurobiological underpinnings of scapegoating and blame, and to explore ways of bringing empathy and resonant language into the picture.

We will conduct this webinar using the Zoom webinar technology so that you will be able to see my screen with me rather than having to download slides, although that will still be possible for those of you who enjoy seeing the notes section of the slides where the research is quoted.

Led by Sarah Peyton. $FREE per drop-in (and/or recording of) webinar, one session monthly, 7-8:30 p.m. Pacific time,

Led by Sarah Peyton. $20 per drop-in (and/or recording of) webinar, one session monthly, 7-8:30 p.m. Pacific time, upcoming sessions on:

  • January 30 (The IPNB of Relaxation: How to Find our Way to Ease)
  • February 27 (The Right Hemisphere: Home of Empathy)
  • March 27 (Money and Empathy)
  • April 17 (The Shadow: IPNB and Empathy)
  • May 29  (Guilt, Shame, Innocence, Loyalty and Belonging)
  • June 26 (Intuition: Supporting Knowing Presence with Empathy and Research)
  • July (Exhaustion, Cortisol, Chronic Fatigue and the Hypothalamus: what can Empathy Bring?)
  • August (The Writer’s Mind: Narrative, the Importance of Empathy and Neuroscience)
  • September (Traumatic Brain Injury: Empathy and the Path of Healing)
  • October 23 (Marijuana and Endocannabinoids: Play and Trauma, How can Empathy Help?)
  • November 27 (The Relational Neuroscience of Conflict and Reactivity)
  • December – free call
  • January (Guilt, Shame, Innocence, Loyalty and Belonging)