Upcoming Teleseminars

March's IPNB teleseminar with Sarah Peyton:

IPNB and Empathy Teleseminar in March, Tuesday evening 3/28 at 7pm Pacific time: Disordered Eating: Gradual Healing with Empathy (90 minutes with optional 30 min q&a afterwards)

As we have learned, people use non-essential food (specifically salt, fat and sugar) to compensate for brain chemistry and to support them in having energy for relationship. The ease of access of this kind of food in our world can lead to disordered eating. In this teleseminar, we we will discover the latest research into food and neurobiology, look at some of the paths people take to healing disordered eating, as well as exploring leverage points for self-understanding, self-compassion and Nonviolent Communication empathy.

Led by Sarah Peyton.  $20 per drop-in (and/or recording of) phone session, one session monthly, 7-8:30 p.m. Pacific time, upcoming sessions on:


Led by Sarah Peyton.  $20 per drop-in (and/or recording of) phone session, one session monthly, 7-8:30 p.m.Pacific time, upcoming sessions on: 

·         February 28  (Heart Rate Variability and Empathy)

·         March 28 (Working the Layers: the Gradual Healing from Disordered Eating)

·         April 18 (Migration, Moving, Home and Empathy)

·         May 30 (The Precuneus and the Sense of Self: Differentiating Self

from Other)

·         June 13 (Brain Waves and Empathy)

·         July 25 (Asperger’s and Autism: How Empathy can Contribute)

·         August 8 (Safety: How to Claim it With Resonant Empathy)

·         September 12 (Glial Cells, Memory, Brain Fitness and Empathy)

·         October 24 (Addiction, Habits and Free Will: Empathy for Choice and Decision Fatigue, with a nod to the Basal Ganglia)

·         November 28 (Power and Privilege: Neuroscience and Empathy)

·         December 19 (FREE telecall)

·         January (The Writer’s Mind: The Importance of Empathy and Neuroscience)

·         February (The Right Hemisphere: Home of Empathy)

·         March (Money and Empathy)