Video Podcasts

Below are bi-monthly podcasts where I demonstrate self-empathy and resonant language.

I use second-person when I talk to myself with resonance; try it and you’ll see how helpful this can be in developing and learning to talk with your own resonating compassionate self-witness!

Podcast 14 – How to Speak to Shame

Podcast 13 – Trying to Choose Self-Care

Podcast 12 – Self-empathy vs. self-reassurance, with a self-empathy riff for jet lag

Podcast 11 – empathy for making a book trailer

Podcast 10 – Empathy for waking in alarm

Podcast 9 – 3 minutes of empathy for waking and worrying about the planet

Podcast 8 – one minute of empathy for traveling to teach in a new country

Podcast 7 – Empathy for Binge-Watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer in the Aftermath of Trump’s Nomination

Podcast 6 – empathy for shame in response to constructive criticism

Podcast 5 – empathy for never getting everything done

Podcast 4 – Empathy for Waiting

Podcast 3 – Two minutes of empathy about US politics

Podcast 2 – empathy for colds and flus

Podcast 1 – You Make Sense