Resonant Support with Sarah 

In individual sessions with Sarah, the focus is on you, and on following your body sensations, while being aware of possible unconscious contracts that you have made to limit your life energy. We slow down in the presence of what is bothering you, get the input of your body, and make sure we are naming the fullness of your experience. At the end of the session, we return to your body sensations to make sure that the full experience has been held with compassion and care, taking full advantage of the brain’s capacity for growth and change. If there is an Interpersonal Neurobiology concept that may strengthen your internal compassionate self-witness, Sarah will ask if you would enjoy hearing about it. Options for one-on-one support:

- Telephone and Zoom/skype sessions: 25 minutes, 55 minutes, 85 minutes or 1 hour 50 minutes. Sessions can be recorded.
- In-person sessions in Vancouver, WA: 25 minutes to 1 hour 50 minutes.

Price per 55 minute session: $350.00 USD

Currently scheduling 5 weeks in advance. 

Contact Sarah at to schedule.

All pro bono and reduced rate session slots are full for the foreseeable future, so please look below at the people who have studied with Sarah to be able to do this work at a lower rate.

Questions & Answers

Depth empathy sessions with Sarah can be in person or long-distance, on skype or phone. The time begins with a brief check-in, and then, following body sensations with somatic empathy, we will use words together to create a sense of resonance and fluidity, learning the deeper truths and longings that lie at the heart of the situation, and nourishing the growth of your compassionate self-witness. Where necessary, we will move back in time to resolve old trauma. When the client wishes it, constellation work is also available in 1:1 sessions to support a deepening compassion for the entire, multigenerational family system.

Is an empathy session therapy?

No, empathy sessions strictly follow the body sensations of the client, letting the body’s story unfold as the experience is being attuned with in words. The emphasis is on co-creating a resonance based on Nonviolent Communication feelings and needs-based language.

How long are the sessions and how much do they cost? 

Sessions last 55 minutes (or 85 minutes, or 120 minutes) and $350 per 55-minute hour for one person,

and $400 per 55-minute hour for more than one person or for couples work.

What times and days of the week are sessions possible?

I schedule clients Mondays through Thursdays, from 5am to 4pm Pacific time. I am currently scheduling sessions 5 months out. I request 24-hour notice of cancellation, or that you pay for your cancelled session.

Do I get to cut it short if I want to?


What outcome can I expect after one session?

If you are working with single-incident trauma, you will experience a significant shift in reclamation of life energy from just one session.

How many sessions will it take to experience a shift in my non-supportive patterns?

If the patterns of how you treat yourself are due to a simple unfamiliarity with self-compassion, it takes about eight months of weekly sessions to see a significant shift. If you are also working with my book, you will experience a shift over about the same time period with fewer sessions. If you have an entrenched pattern of self-hatred, then the time period for a significant shift is about 3-5 years.

If it gets intense for me, can I take a break and still retain the benefits of the work?

Yes. Listen to your body. It will tell you how quickly you can move.



I am continually surprised and enthralled by the process of previously hidden and elusive qualities of my inner landscape –the things that run silently, wordlessly through my being, the layers of my dreams, the roots of my passions, the nooks and crannies of implicit memories–coming to light, coming into words, metaphors and new images, and into my own awareness, as a result of my one-on-one work with Sarah Peyton. As Sarah shares with me her understanding of the effects of childhood neglect, I have come to understand why I have been blocked and unable to feed my own creative impulses. I never grew up knowing what an caring adult would sound like if they could sustain enough attention to inquire into my inner life as a child. No wonder I was not able to hold myself without judgment. Instead I gave too much weight to my inner critic and not enough space and listening to my creative impulses.Somehow I have learned to invoke her presence, her compassionate and gentle ability to ‘stay with’ whatever is struggling to make itself known. She has modeled for me a way of deep listening and openness to the many disparate and muted voices within me. She makes it safe enough for those muted voices to speak and trust they will be heard and held. And I’m learning to do this for myself in my creative practice.” - Mika Maniwa, Vancouver, BC Canada


"I have been a therapist for 15 years doing inner child work and EMDR and it was not until I started working with Sarah that I really understood how to resolve events from the past for myself and my clients." - C. Thomas, Philadelphia, PA


Depth Empathy Practitioners I Recommend:

Gloria Lybecker

Gloria has worked and co-facilitated programs with Sarah for over 13 years, she facilitates resonant language empathy, unconscious contract/sacred vow work, time travel empathy and other modalities to support growth and healing.  

In the Spokane area, at Healing You Sanctuary, Gloria offers Constellations with Horses Events and Partnership with Horse Workshops that combine professional development with deep personal growth and healing. 

Distance sessions; 30 minutes, 1 hour, 90 minutes, or 2 hours (includes audio recording or ZOOM video if desired) $150 per hour for individuals $180 per hour working with two (10% discount with packages)

"I have been working with Gloria for a number of years, and her presence in my life has been a true blessing. The healing I have experienced in her sessions and groups have been profound. When I am at a crossroads or facing difficulty, I often think of her warmth and wisdom as light posts to assist me in finding the ground of my own. She holds space with integrity, skillfulness and love, and I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with her. The authenticity and life experience she brings to her work are a rare and heartfelt gift." - Josie Simpson, Maui, Hawaii

"Gloria is one of the most amazing healers and coaches I know. Her work has great depth and authenticity, and she's one of the kindest, wisest, most insightful people I've met. She deeply helped me and I have great gratitude for her work. If you're thinking of working with her, I really encourage you to make the booking now! She's one in a million!"   - Ruth Emsley, Oxford, UK

To schedule your FREE phone conversation with Gloria click here

Contact Gloria: | (509) 876-1802

Jaya Manske

Jaya’s warm presence has supported clients to have significant breakthroughs, to transform from the inside out, and to move forward powerfully. She has studied NVC and been an empathetic practitioner since 2001 and currently works as a part of Sarah’s team, as well as assisting in workshops.  Jaya’s work is a unique blend of empathy, trauma healing, and coaching offerings, which allows her clients to be met right where they are.  Jaya offers resonant empathy, unconscious contracts/sacred vow work, time travel empathy, as well as is a certified mindfulness and wellness coach. 

Jaya provides distance support to clients all over the world from the U.S. to China to Australia.  Distance sessions are 1 hour or 90 minutes and include an audio recording or Zoom video if desired.  Referrals through Sarah’s site: $175 per hour (discounts and sliding scale available for those in need). 

"I’m Glad and Grateful for our session together. Our session uncovered a lot of buried feelings that were unaddressed and hurting me.  Afterwards, I was able to have a discussion with my partner about something I had been struggling to talk about for a really long time.  Somehow, the exercise we did made it possible.  I’ve had years of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and never had a breakthrough like that." ~Shelby G.

"Jaya creates a safe, peaceful space for her clients to explore, grow and accomplish their goals.  Her background in meditation and education enables her to address the child within her clients, and she has the mindfulness tools to empower that childlike energy to manifest in your daily life as success, zest, and wonder. Working with Jaya is a privilege, and her gentleness is a profound gift." ~ Kathryn Hogan

"She held me through my grief and despair with astonishing grace and lightness, honouring and welcoming what was going on in me.  She accompanied every step of the way from darkness to light.  I don’t think I could have ever reached the place of love I’m in now without her support." ~ Maya Diaz

Contact Jaya for a free, half-hour discovery session.

Contact Jaya: | 505-228-8730 


forest chaffee

forest (they/them) is a depth empathy ally who brings warm accompaniment to people in reclamation and integration of their whole embodied selves. 
forest offers resonant somatic empathy, family constellations, nervous system contract/ sacred vow work, and attachment repair.
forest is currently offering a special 3-session package for people in Sarah Peyton’s book study group and those going through Sarah’s book on their own who are longing for warm accompaniment in their process.
The reduced rate is $480 for a package of three sessions. a one-time single session rate of $170 is also available.
Eric Bowers

Eric Bowers

Eric has assisted and co-facilitated with Sarah since 2011. He uses resonant-language empathy, unconscious contract/sacred vow work, time-travel empathy, and constellations to help people integrate trauma and create successful relationships with themselves and with others. Eric is the author of Meet Me In Hard-to-Love Places: The Heart and Science of Relationship Success.

Eric is available for new clients

Rates: $150/Hour with special rates for packages

Hours: 8am-7pm Pacific Time


Susan Skye

I love working in depth with people who want to thrive.  Most folks I work with have a long standing interest in growth, have many parts of their life working well but are frustrated by some repeated patterns of stress, or relationship or anxiety; usually also frustrated by much of the experience they have had with ‘standard’ therapists.  I work with a combination of deep empathy, long clinical experience, and within the context of the current marvelous breakthroughs in neuroscience.  I am certified as a trainer in Nonviolent Communication (20 years), MA in Psychology, and as a practitioner of EMDR (trauma healing).  I specialize in redressing the damage of early childhood trauma and neglect.


Individual:  Sliding scale from $120/hour to $ 160/hour

Couples:  Sliding scale $145/hour – $170/hour

Kangs Trevens, MHRS

I am an empathic counselor learning, teaching, and living the principles of Nonviolent Communication since 2008. I bring presence and compassion to healing practices from various traditions: mindfulness-based techniques, somatic empathy, the Emotional Freedom Technique and addressing the past that is impacting present-day. I am available for conflict mediation, support before or after challenging conversations, and for Mourning, Healing and Reconciliation processes to heal past wounds and repair disconnect in relationships. In 11 years working as a mental health counselor in Residential Treatment, I have supported clients to manage mental illness and addiction. I specialize in the Queer/LGBTIQQA community and in transgender sensitivity. I provide care for diversity issues, underserved populations, nontraditional lifestyles, politically radical folks, activists, vegans, and highly sensitve people (HSPs). I support people to heal depression, anxiety, trauma, challenges with suicidal thoughts, and other emotional struggles regardless of financial ability. I value the intentions of the gift economy, and I'm open to a wide range of payments or trades. I see clients in person in Oakland, California and via phone or Skype. Flexible hours. 

Website:  Email: 

Phone: (510) 658-2257  Texts: (701) 526-472

Rev. Katherine Revoir

Rev. Katherine Revoir

Through studying social neuroscience and family constellation facilitation with Sarah for the past 7 years, I’ve opened to new depths of my own self-understanding and self-love. Sharing this profound work with
others brings me great joy and fulfillment.

My clients experience more emotional balance, peace, clear thinking, and choice. These changes can happen with remarkable ease.

Sessions with me might include unconscious contract/sacred vow work, resonant language empathy, and/or family constellation work. In our time together we can integrate your physical, emotional, and spiritual
needs, so that you live with more joy, clarity, and freedom. I draw cartoon images that help you understand how your brain connects with other brains, and I bring over 25 years of training and experience as a
spiritual counselor. I’d love to support you in making your life more wonderful.


Contact me for a free, half-hour discovery session. I work in person (in Mill Valley, CA), by phone, Zoom,or Skype. My rate is $165/hour (60 minutes).

I also facilitate online and in person Happy Brain groups, where we study social neuroscience and Nonviolent Communication ( while making sense of our family history through constellation work – all in warm community. This is a mystical merging of components that help us make our brain a happy place to live. See my website for details.

Website:   Phone: 415 381-9161 - Please do not text

“Katherine’s warmth helped me feel safe enough to do the healing I’ve longed for my whole life. I’m making sense of my personal history and returning to a more unified experience of myself.” ~ Richard K  

“For years I have worked on healing the debilitating effects of trauma. In just a few sessions with Katherine, persistent patterns of self-sabotage have been transformed, and I’m more able to enjoy life instead of just managing or coping.” ~ Samantha White

Marilyn Mullen, MA

Marilyn Mullen, MA

As a CNVC certified trainer studying primarily with Sarah Peyton since 2012, I am grateful for how depth empathy has tremendously deepened my self-understanding and expanded my capacity for accompanying others into sacred empathic space. Together we slow down and respectfully follow your body sensations with attuned deep listening and resonant language, toward more clarity, ease, integration and authenticity in the wholeness of your human life. Sometimes we also time travel to resolve early trauma.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Internal Family Systems (IFS) have also contributed to my own healing journey, and thus inform my offerings. I provide sessions by phone, Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp or Google Hangout at $75/hour, and can be contacted through

- Claire W.
I meet with Marilyn once a week via Skype as I live in New Zealand. I actually don't know how to express the depth of gratitude I feel for Marilyn and her skill set. It has changed my life for the positive in profound ways. She uses NVC methods of communicating with ease, she has a way of paraphrasing, reflecting, guessing needs and emotions that is flowing, natural and very perceptive. She sometimes makes guesses before I have gone there yet when she says it – I'm moved to a big 'Yes' instantaneously. She is genuine, empathic, fun, caring, respectful and skilled.

So I can't speak highly enough about Marilyn – except to say Tuesday mornings (6am) is a funny time for in-depth conversations yet I'm there with bells on because I value it so much. I have worked with Councilors over the years but never had the amount of internal healing, understanding and learning than I do now with Marilyn.

- Nina O.
Marilyn did a mediation between me and my daughter. She was able to be in support to both of us - quite a feat. Many times Marilyn’s answers illuminate a part of my own thoughts that were so needing a light shone on them to be brought into my own consciousness. I am truly grateful for her presence in my life and I carry her with me, as I feel she carries me with her as well.

Sara Therrien

Sara Therrien

Sara’s strength is her ability to gently help individuals heal old wounds by creating new neuropathways that subsequently alter old unwanted behaviors and reduce reactivity.  Over the last ten years, Sara has worked one on one with women facing significant life challenges due to trauma, substance abuse, and family issues. Sara has twenty years of education and experience in counseling, trauma therapy, rehabilitation, recovery, conflict resolution, mediation and facilitation. In addition to her own personal journey of recovery, over the last 3 years she has experienced deeper healing and growth with new evidence based trauma therapy methods. After experiencing profound results from these methods, Sara began studying interpersonal neurobiology and these trauma therapy techniques with Sarah Payton and Susan Skye ( She completed 6 weeks of intensive training in 2016 & 2017 and has implemented these life changing models into her work.

Sara holds a BS in Rehabilitation Services and a MA in Interdisciplinary Studies with a focus on Peace and Reconciliation where she studied forgiveness, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), mediation and conflict resolution. She holds two advanced training certificates in transformative mediation and holds a CADC in Maine. Sara is available for appointments via Skype or phone. 


Pernille Plantener

Pernille Plantener

I believe in miracles; my own life being the proof. Resonant empathy has supported me in walking out of the prisons of bulimia and an abusive marriage, and today I live a life I didn’t even dare to dream of.

Certified trainer in Nonviolent Communication (NVC) since 2011 and certified coach at PCC level, I teach coaching and NVC, have clients from all continents, and facilitate restorative mediations for the police in my home country, Denmark. I have co-authored “At Eye-level with Victims of Violence” on how to restore dignity, aimed at first responders.

My experience in personal development includes yoga and meditation, gestalt and body therapy, 12-step programmes, and Internal Family Systems (IFS). I enjoy my dream life in a same-sex marriage in a living community of women.

Having worked with Sarah since 2014, I offer resonant language empathy, sacred vow work, and time travel empathy for detecting, freeing the burdens of, and welcoming home disconnected parts.

Fee: 125 USD/ hour. First 30 min strategy session is free.

Time availability: 8am - 8pm Central European time / 2pm-2am US Eastern time.

Booking calendar:


Amanda Blaine, M.Ed.

I wanted to make BIG change in the world. I went from Princeton to organic farming to Harvard to teaching public school. When I encountered Sarah's work several years ago I dove right in and immersed myself in learning and healing with her. Now I use everything I've learned to support other purpose-driven people eager to give their gifts and do their best work in the world. I draw on Nonviolent Communication, Holacracy, Depth Empathy, Empathic Coaching, Interpersonal Neurobiology, Family Constellations, and more. I love to support change makers one-on-one in their personal, vocational and relationship journeys. On an organizational level, I help leaders and groups evolve new, life-serving systems for working and living together.

"I am having difficulty finding the right words to communicate how different my experience of life has been since that session. You are a masterful facilitator and I am blessed to have met you.- Lori W.

Amanda is a blessing to behold! She has a masterful fluency of both inner, emotional work, as well as community and global systems --understanding the essentialness and interconnection of both. I have so thoroughly enjoyed working with Amanda. - Jenny G.

Sessions with Amanda:

Phone, video, in-person

One-on-one: $150 / hour

Couples: $350 / two hour session

Small group transformational community: gift economy

Organizations/groups: email me for more info.

Email me or visit my website to sign up for a free 30 minute discovery session. 

Jenna Card

Jenna's warm empathic presence invites individuals into a deeper connection with their own heartfelt truth and innate wisdom. With resonant body-based empathy, Jenna accompanies others in cultivating inner compassionate resources and transforming the beliefs and patterns that limit the flow of joy and full expression in life.  Sessions can also include movement practices, grounding meditation, and work with inner parts, core belief, sacred vow and constellations.

A student of Sarah's since 2012, Jenna integrates resonant somatic empathy, interpersonal neurobiology, family constellation, and attachment theory into her work. A Certified Nonviolent Communication Trainer, Jenna leads public and private NVC training and as well as offering Empathic Coaching to support tangible, meaningful change in people's lives.

Session offered by Phone or Video call or in-person in Vancouver, BC and are 30, 60 or 90 minutes in length.
Rates are $100 - $140 per hour (USD or CAD based on residency)

Em: jenna @

Ph: 778 2 3 9 7471