Sarah integrates IPNB and empathy into the Family Constellations experience. When we step into the field created by the constellation, we are stepping into the seeker’s right hemisphere, with its connection to the body, emotions, and its orientation in our relational world.

This work opens the door to understanding how much information is coming in through our bodies. As this comprehension deepens, we realize that we can effectively partner with them for conscious movement in the world. We begin to move differently as facilitators and as clients.

Constellations give us a way to harvest the body’s wisdom. Through constellation work we can unwind and unravel the frozen strands of trauma from our essential beings, so that we can flourish, live, and contribute our gifts with ease.


Constellations Training

Constellations Master Class Series for 2019

Join Sarah Peyton for a year-long Masterclass Series investigating various issues in depth, including narrative, patriarchy, confidence, business,  and more, combining Constellation Work with explorations in Relational Neuroscience and Resonant Language. There are three 5-day masterclasses, interspersed with dyad/ triad small group connection and practice and monthly IPNB webinars. 


A Personal Constellation

 For those of you who would like to receive your own personal constellation facilitated by Sarah, and populated by your friends and family, this is now possible.  Choose any issue that you would like to make headway on: health, career, connection with a family member, self-compassion, or anything that you would like to explore more deeply.

Portland/SW Washington area: $1000 for an evening, scheduled from 7pm until 10pm, lasts between 1-1/2 and 3 hours.

Out of area: $1500 per travel day for one session of up to 3 hours + travel costs.

Please supply a minimum of 6 friends and family members over the age of 15. 

Contact Sarah to schedule

Benefits of Constellation Work

  • - We get to see the big picture of our lives and the history of our family
  • - These histories transform from lifeless collections of words into living understanding of the emotional implications of events
  • - As we see the forces that have affected us, we have more self-compassion and understanding
  • - We have the opportunity to recognize and resolve pain that has resulted from trauma at the individual, family and social levels
  • - We start to know our own emotions more intimately
  • - We open access to our right insula and the flow of information that our body is always trying to bring to our awareness
  • - Our experience of being human is expanded
  • - We gain new insight and respect into the journeys of others
  • - Unexpected possibilities, movements and solutions open before us
  • - We reduce stress and the implicit load we carry from past generations, furthering our capacity for freedom and choice
  • - We move into the divine play of being human

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Constellations?

Family Constellation work is a particular way of looking at questions and blocks we have in our lives. It is a spatial exploration of a relational question, using different positions, representatives, objects or people to look at how things are connected with one another and where systems might be frozen by entanglements or traumas. How are we affected by our patterns of early relationship? How have our bodies been frozen by difficult moments? How might the lives of our parents or grandparents be affecting us? How has our family intersected with the path of human history? In Constellation work, we get to ask these questions in order to gather support and movement for our well-being and the well-being of our children and families. 

What happens in a family constellations session? Do people talk? Do I get to talk–or refuse to talk?

In family constellation work with Sarah in a group, the person receiving the constellation is called the “seeker.” The seeker brings a question or something that they would love to experience differently in their life. The seeker chooses people from the circle to represent different parts of their family or their life. These people speak about their physical experience of standing or moving in this constellation. Sometimes healing sentences of acknowledgment are spoken. Sometimes Sarah offers them, sometimes the representatives or the seeker offer them. The seeker can talk or not talk. A seeker can also have a “blind” constellation, in which no one else knows who the representatives are standing in for. In one-on-one sessions, the seeker chooses small objects to represent people or issues, and then moves his or her conscious awareness from point to point in the constellation.

What does Sarah do – ask questions, talk, move things around? 

Sarah will ask the representatives what they are experiencing in their bodies, how they feel about other representatives, or whether they would like to move.

It sounds like there is more than one client participating in the sessions – true?

During a day-long workshop, there will be up to six “seekers,” and up to six constellations.

How long are the sessions? 

1:1 sessions last 55 minutes (or 85 minute, or 115 minutes.) Constellations within a larger workshop usually last 1-2 hours. Constellations connected with health, done in a special format in the seeker’s home with his or her community invited to participate, usually last 2-3 hours. (Contact Sarah to set up a special health constellation.)

Do I get to leave if I want to?


if it gets intense for me, can I take a break?

Yes. If possible, take breaks during the pauses between constellations so that the circle remains strong in support of the seeker.

What outcome can I expect after one session?

Outcomes vary from session to session, from seeker to seeker. Some clients come for one constellation, enjoy a life-changing event, and never come again. Some do not like the constellation approach. Others find a lot of meaning and a sense of divine play in the process, and come back again and again to represent in the constellations of others, after their own issues have resolved.

If I have to keep returning, is there an endpoint in sight? (in other words, how much of an investment is this going to be?)

You will know whether this approach is supportive of your journey after one session. Listen to your body as you have the experience, and after it is over.