Learn. Heal. Thrive.

Hello, I'm Sarah Peyton, and I travel all over the world to talk and teach about the way neurobiology and resonant language can be used to heal relational trauma, to permanently rewire our brains for healing and well-being.

Here I offer tools to show how we can use warm language to support and accompany the right hemisphere so our brain can grow and heal, increasing our resilience and enjoyment of life. There is hope for healing, regardless of our age, genetic predisposition or childhood experiences.

Recorded Programs + Free Resources

The store contains many different previously recorded materials including monthly IPNB and Empathy webinars, packages of webinars, and some free resources and recordings. Note: this page is under construction and is a bit hard to navigate; you can use the links below for easier perusal:

Single Webinars (Slide + audio exploration of the latest IPNB research combined with practical exploration of how self-reflection and empathy can lead to brain integration and personal resilience and well-being. Approximately 60 minutes of research, then 30 minutes of audience participation and questions.)

Webinar Packages (Packages of Sarah's single webinars, grouped by interest category)

Free Audio + Other Resources


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