Get Traction on Depression – a 3-day Series to Learn the Your Resonant Self Model

Have you struggled with long-term or chronic depression? Have you longed to access life-energy, joy, and consistent connection to meaning and purpose? 

Have you scolded your depressed self, saying things like “you have no reason to be depressed!” or, “you should be grateful!” or “if you exercised, you wouldn’t be so sad, you only have yourself to blame for this”?

What I’ve learned from relational neurobiology is this: our bodies do not do things for no reason. We are infinitely exquisite beings who operate within a system, responding to things in our environment in ways that make perfect sense.

There are five interventions I’ve found deeply healing in the process of working with my own and my client’s depression:

  1. Healing ancestral trauma
  2. Greeting ourselves with resonant language
  3. Releasing unconscious contracts
  4. Discovering allyship with the self-critical voice, and
  5. Understanding the collapse of depression in the context of the circuits.


If you are looking a safe practice context to practice these methods to work with your depression, and to take home tools you can use on your own anytime, please consider joining me in June. 


Free Bonus:

Registration includes free access to my March 2019 webinar about the neuroscience of depression. We will cover a small bit of brain science in this mini-series, but primarily we will focus on practice so please watch the depression webinar before our first meeting.

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Tending to Trauma with Resonance: a 4-session Online Series

What do we do when we realize that the past is spilling into the present, with ourselves or with others? What do we do as empathy buddies and partners and therapeutic holders of space? How do we recognize that the past is intruding? How do we invite connection even in difficult moments in session and how do we notice that things are bigger than we can easily hold? And what do we do then?

Because the brain cannot distinguish between this difficult moment and past moments of aloneness, trauma is intruding in our lives much more than we realize. It intrudes as reactivity, as blindness, as unsoothable upset, as disgust, as horror, as terror, and as resignation and burnout. Join Sarah for 6 hours of exploration and learning about the neuroscience of NVC and trauma.


This online series is specifically geared for space-holders, those who would like to practice and receive support as NVC (and Resonant Language) practitioners to have solid ground when trauma arises for those you are holding space for.

This series is also useful for relating to our loved ones, our partners and families and friends, as well as trauma that arises in activist movement spaces, or any other place where trauma and distress arise.

4 THURSDAY MEETINGS (recordings available if you can't attend live):

Each meeting includes slides and introduction to the neuroscience concepts, plus time for questions, break-out groups for practice, and time for debriefing. The longer sessions include demonstration of processes and more time for questions, working in small groups, and integration:

  • June 20 - Time: 9-10am Pacific time (1 HOUR)
  • June 27 – Time: 9-11am Pacific time (2 HOURS)
  • July 11 – Time – 9-10am Pacific time (1 HOUR)
  • August 8 – Time – 9-11am Pacific time (2 HOURS)



June 20 (1 HR) – Time, the Brain and Trauma; the Importance of Accompaniment; Self- and Other-Regulation
PRACTICES:  Discern reassurance from resonance, and learn how to make empathy guesses out of reassurance

July 11 (2 HR) – The Time Travel Empathy Process and Demos
PRACTICE: Time travelling to last week

June 27 (1 HR) – Left and Right Hemispheres
PRACTICES: Experimenting with Resonant Language and Discerning Left Shifts

August 8 (2 HR) – Expanding the Window of Welcome and Demos
PRACTICE: Expanding the Window of Welcome

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16-Week Online Your Resonant Self: Your Brain & Your Contracts - Book Study Group

Do you long to be a more full and free version of yourself? Do you sometimes feel stuck and unsure how to move forward? Have you read and integrated much of the self-warmth from the book “Your Resonant Self,” and do you still have difficulty with being fully nourished by your Resonating Self-Witness?  Do you wish to be free from your self-sabotaging or self-destructive behaviors which keep you small and inhibit you from thriving?

But how can we shift such deeply ingrained habits and thought patterns?

This new book-study-course offers a fresh look into the content of “Your Resonant Self,” with the new and revolutionary understanding of sacred vows and unconscious contracts, alongside the brain-changing science and insights of the book.  In order to belong, survive or honor our families, we make unconscious and silent agreements with ourselves, our caregivers, or the world, which can keep us feeling stuck, small and constrained.  Sacred Vow work allows us to touch on, bring healing to, and release ourselves from agreements that are no longer serving us. During this course, we will examine the different contracts that arise from differences in the brains’ hemispheres that are connected to every single concept that the book covers. You will learn how to release yourself from these contracts so you can live a life of your choosing.

Whether you are experienced or brand new to Sarah’s book, this study group is for you!

This online Zoom course moves through YOUR RESONANT SELF through the lens of Sacred Vows in 16 sessions, 1 week per chapter + introduction and closing, spread out over 8 months.

The first meeting that goes over the introduction is on October 18th, but you can JOIN ANYTIME and catch up by watching the recordings and still catch all the upcoming live classes. 


  • Registration includes the monthly IPNB Webinar series for the length of time of the group!
  • Registration includes a 75% discount on recordings of the original book study series!


  • The webinar is conducted online, using zoom webinar technology, accessible via mobile device or laptop or desktop computer.
  • Due to Sarah’s travel schedule, the 16 meeting dates will be spread out over about 9 months: Recordings are available if some live dates don’t work for you.
  • This series will be more experiential than the original series, allowing participants to feel into the sacred vow/unconscious contract process.  Each of the 16 sessions will include a short welcome/hello to set our resonant learning container, then Sarah will present that week’s material (slides will be available for download), there will be at least one unconscious contract demo, and then you’ll have time for questions and spots of empathy for any places you’re struggling with the material.
  • Each session is a 55-minute class, and will take place on Thursday mornings from 9 – 9:55 am Pacific time.
  • Recordings of the live meetings are posted online shortly after the live group, so you can easily do this class at your own speed by watching the recordings if you cannot make the meeting time.

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16-Week Online Your Resonant Self Book Study Group Recordings

Are you longing for more depth you move through this rich, but challenging material?

Do you have questions and are you seeking answers to help you move through the book and get to healing?

Whether you’ve completed Sarah’s new book, or you’re working your way slowly through, or you’re stuck on certain chapters, this study group is for you!

This is a prerecorded online Zoom course that moves through YOUR RESONANT SELF in 16 sessions, 1 session per chapter + introduction and closing.

This course is complete but you can still catch up by watching the recordings. Also, when you purchase it alongside the upcoming live course (Starting October 2018), receive these recordings for a 75% discount off the listed price!


  • Gain access to this completed prerecorded zoom course, which goes in-depth into the content in a 16-hour series, beginning with the introduction and going chapter by chapter with Sarah teaching the content.
  • Largely informational and questions-based, rather than focused on emotional processing, during each of the 16 sessions Sarah presents that week’s material (slides are also available for download), followed by questions from those that participated live.
  • Each recording is 55-minutes in length and packed with neurobiological research and relational insights

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8-Week Online Study Course: Introduction to Resonant Language

Have you ever wondered why some people’s presence, support and listening feels so good, while other people’s support doesn’t seem to have much impact?

When we have a sense of being “gotten,” when we are deeply attuned to, we take in the nourishment and attention and care like thirsty, struggling plants finally receiving the water and nutrients we need to grow.

Resonant attention and language changes the way we see ourselves.

With our new eyes, we start to transform our experiences of shame, rage, terror and self-doubt into the sense that we are enough, just as we are.

This course uses interpersonal neurobiology to explain how to use the language of the right hemisphere to access our innate, human capacity for deep resonance with ourselves and each other.

It can be taken anytime, at your own speed. 



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