Your Resonant Self: The Book

Resonant Language: The Hidden Technology for Loving Yourself NOW.

Sarah's new book (with hand-drawn illustrations by forest chaffee) synthesizes the latest developments in neuroscience, trauma treatment, and the power of empathy into an effective healing method that literally rewires our brain and restores our capacity for self-love, emotional regulation, and well-being.

I hope this book connects people with the understanding that we can use warm language to support and accompany ourselves and that our brain can grow and heal at any age, increasing our resilience and enjoyment of life. 

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Developing Your Resonant Self, One Meditation at a Time

Language is the starting point for the movement towards self-warmth! The guided meditations which accompany the book are an invitation to move slowly and with kindness into your inner world.
If you dislike meditation or have experienced feeling anxious or overwhelmed by mindfulness and breath practices, these meditations are for you! Try the warm breath exercise every day for a week, and see what happens.

Download the book's Free Guided Meditations today to transform your inner critic into your most compassionate advocate.


16-Week Online Your Resonant Self: Your Brain & Your Contracts - Book Study Group

Do you long to be a more full and free version of yourself? Do you sometimes feel stuck and unsure how to move forward?

Have you read and integrated much of the self-warmth from the book “Your Resonant Self,” and do you still have difficulty with being fully nourished by your Resonating Self-Witness? 


This new book-study-course offers a fresh look into the content of “Your Resonant Self,” with the new and revolutionary understanding of sacred vows and unconscious contracts, alongside the brain-changing science and insights of the book. 

In order to belong, survive or honor our families, we make unconscious and silent agreements with ourselves, our caregivers, or the world, which can keep us feeling stuck, small and constrained.  Sacred Vow work allows us to touch on, bring healing to, and release ourselves from agreements that are no longer serving us.

During this course, we will examine the different contracts that arise from differences in the brains’ hemispheres. You will learn how to release yourself from these contracts so you can live a life of your choosing.

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16-Week Online Your Resonant Self Book Study Group Recordings

Are you longing for more depth you move through this rich, but challenging material?

Do you have questions and are you seeking answers to help you move through the book and get to healing?

Whether you’ve completed Sarah’s new book, or you’re working your way slowly through, or you’re stuck on certain chapters, this study group is for you!

This is a prerecorded online Zoom course that moves through YOUR RESONANT SELF in 16 recordings, 1 session per chapter + introduction and closing.

Each recording is 55-minutes in length and packed with neurobiological research and relational insights

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What Does Trauma Have to Do With Me? Resolving Difficult Memories

Are you longing to understand how to untangle the pain of the past to experience freedom and peace in the present?

In this 7-week online recording series, Sarah will walk you through an easy and memorable tour of neuroscience and the way that NVC changes brains and makes lives fluid and more resilient.

Join us to learn the freeing effects of resonant language and empathy on these small and large moments of stuckness that all of us live with!

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Free Webinar: Transforming the Critical Inner Voice

If you’ve ever made a point of trying to be kinder, more compassionate and less judgmental of yourself – and then not been able to do it… did you kick yourself even further down the rabbit hole of self-disapproval, did you wonder how to end the unstoppable downward spiral?

Where does that critical inner voice come from, and what purpose can it possibly serve?

This webinar introduces the power of body-connected resonance to help you understand how empathy affects the human brain and how to bring precision and beauty to help transform the inner critic into a compassionate advocate.

Watch the recording here!

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