Suicide, Trauma, the Hemispheres and Empathy

Suicide, Trauma, the Hemispheres and Empathy


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For the last year I’ve had the sense that a suicide rolls over the living like a tsunami.  Nothing is left unchanged for those who remain behind.  In support of those who continue on after someone they love has died, those who are in so much exhausting pain that suicide seems like a possible option for peace, and those who are trying to keep the tsunami away from their loved ones, this month’s teleseminar is a combination of research, understanding and empathy.  I would like to weave empathy demonstrations into this teleseminar, so if you are attending and are willing to receive some empathy about some aspect of suicide and your experience, please let me know.  I’ll be working with three people during the call, and will choose based on bringing different aspects of this question alive for us.


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