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Exploring the Shadow: The 2020 Sand Tray and Constellation Series with Sarah Peyton

Are you longing to untangle and uncover the deepest parts of yourself? The parts that are more hungry than we are comfortable with, angrier than we can bear, more judgemental, blaming, contemptuous, helpless or frozen than we wish to be?

This 4-part immersive series is not comfortable, but it brings great self-compassion in its wake.

Sandtray work, with its emphasis on not-knowing, lets material arise out of the right hemisphere in a much less intentional and much more organic way than anything else I’ve ever experienced. The process begins by letting the figures and the sand and the shapes in the sand choose us, and then we discover ourselves in the process.

A Year-Long Personal Journey with Sarah Peyton

Join Sarah Peyton for a year-long program in Vancouver, Washington investigating the implicit and diving deep into Shadow Work to uncover how what lies in the shadows impacts how we live, interact and work in the world in this gentle exploration of healing and moving into stress-resiliency. We will be alternating Sand Tray Work with Constellations and explorations in Relational Neuroscience and Resonant Language. There will be four 4-day retreats over the course of the year. Each retreat is a non-residential intensive that stretches over 4 calendar days, starting after breakfast on day one and going until dinner. Lunches are provided. Dinners and evenings on your own.

Constellations take the inner experience and bring it into the outer world so it can be seen, touched, smelled and worked with.

Sandtray work uses figurines and sand-trays as a form of self-exploration and integration. We work in small dyad and triad groups in a way that is similar to constellations work in that we externalize our own emotional experience into three dimensions in order to support sense-making, acknowledgment, relaxation and movement.


I’ve written more about this amazing process and how I discovered it in this blog post.

Daily schedule: 9:30am until 5:30pm

These non-residential retreats will be at a private home in Vancouver, Washington, USA.

Sand tray explorations in dyads will alternate with short talks and discussions, alternating with large-group constellations.

This series is meant for those who would like to do deep personal work with the relational neuroscience and resonant language material, in Sarah’s container.

Jan 30- Feb 2, 2020

  • What We Don’t Know About Ourselves
    • Discover our felt-sense autobiography
    • Challenge the ways our authenticity may still be shadowed
    • Embrace not-knowing about our deepest sexuality
    • Explore unconscious violence, and how to move toward non-violence

March 5-8, 2020

  • Entanglements, Projections and the Shadow in Intimacy
    • Inquire into the shadows of the 9 domains of integration
    • Explore the sweetness and the fright of intimacy
    • Expand your sense of the intrusions of the past into present connection
    • Reveal transgenerational shadows in attachment patterns

July 9-12, 2020

  • The Shadow in Depression: What We’re Protecting Ourselves From
    • Discover the shadows of the circuits of emotion and motivation
    • Illuminate the reverse side of the nervous system states
    • Experience compassion for what we don’t know about what has made us immobile
    • Deepen self-connection

Dec. 10-13, 2020

  • The Shadow and our Dreams: Moving Forward and Finding Our Way
    • Giving grief its good place
    • Reclaiming play from the shadow
    • Reaching for dreams
    • Reintroducing ourselves to hope

Tuition: $3600 (includes lunches)

Prices are non-residential and include full-series enrollment — 4 workshops

**Please note a 3% fee is added for purchasing through the store, if you wish to save the 3% and pay by check, please send an email to Sarah to save your spot and request the address.

All participants are commuters. There is a hotel not too far away as well as AirBnB options for people from out of town. A car, rental or shared car is preferable, although we will try to arrange carpooling if needed. Cost of Hotel, residence, car and meals outside of lunch will be incurred personally and participants are responsible for their own arrangements.

Lunches will be catered by Vanessa, from Alton Collins.  Special diet requests are welcome!  For more information about Vanessa, read her bio below!


Space is limited – Save your place for the series now!

Due to the uniqueness of this offering, it is a full year commitment and not available to be purchased as individual events.

Tuition rate applies at the time of payment in full. $500 of your tuition payment is non-refundable and non-transferrable. Please see below for the full cancellation policy.

Final Deadline for Registration: 7 Days Before the Start of the Program

Cancellation Policy for this event:

Due to the nature of this offering and limited spaces, cancellations are only available 40 days in advance of the first offering, after that, there will be no refunds or transfers available. $500 of your tuition payment is non-refundable and non-transferrable.


About Sarah

Sarah Peyton, international constellations facilitator, Certified Trainer of Nonviolent Communication and neuroscience educator, integrates constellations, brain science and the use of resonant language to heal trauma. She is a regular contributor to The Knowing Field International Constellations Journal, and is an annual guest speaker and teacher at the ISCA Intensive in Southern Germany. She was a featured presenter at London’s 2017 Trauma Through the Systemic Constellation Lens and is the author of the book “Your Resonant Self: Guided Meditations and Exercises to Engage Your Brain’s Capacity for Healing,” published by Norton Publishing in September of 2017.


About Vanessa

Vanessa is a Gourmet Natural Foods Chef & healthy living educator with more than 20 years of professional experience throughout the USA & Europe. She is a graduate of the Natural Gourmet Institute of NYC & has studied International Food Law throughout the EU.

She graduated from Rutgers University Cum Laude, with a B.S. in Agriculture, Biodiversity & Global Sustainability and a minor in Environmental & Business Economics. She is an advocate for the Non-GMO movement, supports Organic Agriculture and is adept at many styles of nutritional cooking that both nourish the body and redefine what healthy cooking can taste like.

Vanessa is now living in the Mt. Hood area where she offers her globally inspired culinary creations at Alton L. Collins Retreat Center in Eagle Creek, OR. Where she is the Executive Chef. She leads a teaching kitchen, training many people in culinary alchemy from high school students to soccer moms to grandparents. She and her team create from a colorful pallet of local Oregon grown, seasonal fruits & vegetables and emphasizing using non-GMO & organic animal products. These ingredients are utilized to create nutrient-dense delights that cater to a wide variety of dietary needs. Collins Retreat Center strives to always deliver gracious hospitality. Vanessa and her team deliver this hospitality by providing delicious and healthy meals made with love.

Through her work at Collins Retreat Center, Vanessa raises awareness about healthy living and creating a sustainable future for humanity. Due to popular demand, is working on a cookbook to highlight delicious health-oriented globally inspired cuisine and plans to also offer cooking classes at Collins starting in 2020. As a shared vision, Collins plans to further increase the onsite agricultural production in the coming years and create a sustainable farm that supplies the retreat center guests with a farm to table experience!


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