Tending to Trauma with Resonance: a 4-Session Pre-Recorded Series

Tending to Trauma with Resonance: a 4-Session Pre-Recorded Series


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What do we do when we realize that the past is spilling into the present, with ourselves or with others? What do we do as empathy buddies and partners and therapeutic holders of space? How do we recognize that the past is intruding? How do we invite connection even in difficult moments in session and how do we notice that things are bigger than we can easily hold? And what do we do then?

Because the brain cannot distinguish between this difficult moment and past moments of aloneness, trauma is intruding in our lives much more than we realize. It intrudes as reactivity, as blindness, as unsoothable upset, as disgust, as horror, as terror, and as resignation and burnout. Join Sarah for 6 hours of exploration and learning about the neuroscience of NVC and trauma.


This pre-recorded online series is specifically geared for space-holders, those who would like to practice and receive support as NVC (and Resonant Language) practitioners to have solid ground when trauma arises for those you are holding space for.

This series is also useful for relating to our loved ones, our partners and families and friends, as well as trauma that arises in activist movement spaces, or any other place where trauma and distress arise.


Each meeting includes slides and introduction to the neuroscience concepts, questions from participants who were there during the live course, a demo of the practice, and, sometimes, a live example lead by Sarah Peyton while participants did their own practice, and time for a debrief. The longer sessions include demonstration of processes and more time for questions, small group exercises, and integration:

Session 1 (1 HR) – Time, the Brain and Trauma; the Importance of Accompaniment; Self- and Other-Regulation
PRACTICES:  Discern reassurance from resonance, and learn how to make empathy guesses out of reassurance

Session 2 (2 HR) – The Time Travel Empathy Process and Demos
PRACTICE: Time travelling to last week

Session 3 (1 HR) – Left and Right Hemispheres
PRACTICES: Experimenting with Resonant Language and Discerning Left Shifts

Session 4 (2 HR) – Expanding the Window of Welcome and Demos
PRACTICE: Expanding the Window of Welcome


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