Introduction to Resonant Language 8-Week Online Study Course

Introduction to Resonant Language

Introduction to Resonant Language 8-Week Online Study Course


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Have you ever wondered why some people’s presence, support and listening feels so good, while other people’s support doesn’t seem to have much impact?

When we have a sense of being “gotten,” when we are deeply attuned to, we take in the nourishment and attention and care like thirsty, struggling plants finally receiving the water and nutrients we need to grow.

Resonant attention and language changes the way we see ourselves. With our new eyes, we start to transform our experiences of shame, rage, terror and self-doubt into the sense that we are enough, just as we are.

This course uses interpersonal neurobiology to explain how to use the language of the right hemisphere to access our innate, human capacity for deep resonance with ourselves and each other.

In this 8-week, self-paced online course, you will learn:

  • How resonance — what happens when we have a sense that we are understood — is key to beginning self-empathy and self-support
  • A foundational understanding of the way the language we use changes the brain, and how it can support us in self-connection, growth and learning
  • How you might be keeping yourself stuck in the way you talk to yourself and with others
  • How resonance changes our brains and helps us heal painful pasts.

Who Is This Course For?

  • Those Struggling with Self-Judgment + Criticism – for those who use analytical “educator” voices to self-soothe and manage themselves, this course is for you! We’ll explore why critical language tends to leave us stuck and and unchanging in response to the world.
  • Nonviolent Communication Practitioners – for those already familiar with NVC’s “feelings and needs”, this course expands into a thorough exploration of the brain science behind language choices, and how to support full person integration with the way we speak to ourselves and others.
  • Neurobiology Enthusiasts – if you’ve ever wondered how the brain responds to language, and how to make choices to maximize neuroplasticity and learning, this course is for you.
  • Mental Health Practitioners, Healers and Coaches – In order to support your client’s access to movement and healing, it’s critical to understand how the words we choose affect relational space. When we “shift-left” into analysis and other types of instrumental (rather than relational) language, we can leave our clients in a stuck place.

Cost of Course

$75 per person, or 2-for-1 enrollment when you register with study-buddy. Please order this course separately – do not combine with other products if you want to get this two-for-one option! You will need to fill out the ‘Additional Information’ box with your partner’s Full Name and e-mail address to be registered in when you check out.

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This course is a free pre-requisite for anyone enrolled in the in-person November 2017 event, Your Resonant Self Immersion Program.  

Curriculum Details:

This course uses videos, handouts and worksheets, online assessments and journal prompts to take you through 8 weeks of study, however this course can be done slower or faster if desired.

Week 1: Hemispheres and Neuroplasticity

  • Introduction to the hemispheres
  • Left and right hemisphere language
  • Nonviolent Communication, needs and the hemispheres
  • Neuroplastic timing and learning
  • Emotions in the body

Week 2: Warmth and Feelings and Needs

  • The importance of warmth
  • The hemispheres and warmth
  • Working with feelings and needs
  • More on left and right hemisphere language
  • Distinguishing needs from strategies

Week 3: Feelings and the Right Hemisphere

  • The left hemisphere: strategies, blame and details
  • Body sensations and nuanced feelings
  • Faux Feelings and decoding blame

Week 4: Right Hemisphere Resonant Language

  • Right hemisphere language
  • Acknowledgment
  • Understanding happiness and joy
  • Self-empathy for celebration

Week 5: Resonance with Grief

  • Resonating with grief
  • Landscape of grief
  • Differentiating reassurance from resonance
  • Translating reassurance into feelings and needs
  • Post-Traumatic growth

Week 6: Resonance for Fear

  • Fear thermometer
  • Resonance for fear
  • Anxiety: fear vs. loneliness

Week 7: Resonance for Anger

  • The Beaufort scale of anger
  • Translating your criticisms of others
  • Translating others’ criticisms of you
  • Translating self-criticism

Week 8: Resonance with Dissociation and Shock

  • Possibilities for experiencing shock and dissociation
  • Resonance with shock and dissociation


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