The Understanding and Healing Addiction Program


The Understanding and Healing Addiction Program


This course includes real recorded sessions with helpful information for those wishing to understand the healing of addiction. 12 Helpful Sessions will give you insight and help with overcoming addiction.

Product Description

This course includes sessions with helpful information on the following subject, Understanding and Healing Addiction Program. You can follow along with Sarah as she discusses these important subjects.

  • Addiction and Reward: The Nucleus Accumbens and Empathy
  • Alcohol and its First and Second Generation Effects- Supporting Healing
  • Bringing Empathy and Change to Entrenched Addictive Patterns
  • Bringing the Body to Life – Opening the Door to your Insula
  • Food, the Brain and Empathy
  • Epigenetics – You are not Your DNA
  • Lightening the Implicit Load: Healing the Pain of Past Generations
  • Meet Your Hippocampus, Facilitator of Healing
  • Manipulation, Irritation and Delight: Empathy for Mysteries of the Left Hemisphere
  • Nuances of the On-Line Life: Technology Addiction, Video Games, Pornography and Empathy
  • Sacred Vow Work – Disentangling our Nervous Systems
  • Conflicting Sacred Vows



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