Healing Anxiety by Finding Your Resonating Self-Witness


Healing Anxiety by Finding Your Resonating Self-Witness


Join Sarah as she discusses Self-Witness and Anxiety

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Product Description

If you stop and quietly sink into your center, what sensations meet you there?  Is your abdomen open, relaxed and gently pulsing, or do you find an on-going experience of disquiet and a slight upset when you think about the future?  What is it like to be you and wake up in the mornings?  Do you awaken into peaceful anticipation, or into dread and shame?  Our soul’s birthright is peace, but because of our capacity to look forward and backward in time and worry about what will happen and what has happened, our biological heritage is the ability to feel continually anxious, to live in the forever space of not-quite-good-enough, or not-quite-up-to-life.  This teleseminar is an invitation to hold our anxious self with compassion and understanding, and to bring resonance and the possibility of relaxation to our centers, so that we can live more wholly, and have more ease in our relationships with self, others and the world.

This recording with powerpoint visuals covers:

  1. Understanding our anxious self
  2. Stress vs. anxiety
  3. Introducing the compassionate self-witness
  4. Integration and empathy
  5. Questions and time for integration