Bringing Empathy to the Grief Process

Bringing Empathy to the Grief Process


Join Sarah as she discusses how to bring empathy to grief

Product Description

Loss can take us out at the knees.  Suddenly we are catapulted into a new emotional landscape, one filled with overwhelm, a new acquaintanceship with vulnerability, and an increased need for support and self-compassion.  How can we update and augment the field of healing and support that addresses grief with our new knowledge about what happens to body and brain in grief? What kinds of emotions live within grief? What is the difference between grief and suffering? How can empathy support us in the grieving process? Lively, interactive presentation with visuals.

This recording with powerpoint visuals covers:

  1. Brief Review of the Brain and the Way Emotion Affects us
  2. The Neurophysiology of Grief
  3. The Complex Emotional Landscape of Grief
  4. Grief vs. Suffering
  5. A Path to Support and Self-Compassion: Empathy
  6. Questions and time for integration