Food, the Brain and Empathy

Food, the Brain and Empathy


Join Sarah as she discusses Food, the Brain and Empathy

Product Description

This teleseminar explores the way the brain dances with compulsive eating and with the experience of food.  We will look at specifics that contribute to a relationship with food that may have less choice than we enjoy, and we look at our general patterns of eating.  What happens when we slow the moments of less than full choice down and add empathy and a connection to the body?  Lively, interactive presentation with visuals.

This recording with powerpoint visuals covers:

  1. Brief review of the brain
  2. The neurobiology of compulsions and addictions
  3. Food and our brain
  4. Specific contributors: exhaustion, binge priming
  5. What are our patterns of eating?
  6. What happens when we add empathy?
  7. Finding balance and meaning
  8. Questions and time for integration