Gender, Invariant Representations and Empathy

Gender, Invariant Representations and Empathy


Product Description

Our gender and our ideas about gender have such a profound effect on our lives and our dialogue with our culture, yet the more we learn about being human, the more we see the artificiality of our gender construction, and the more we wonder about the effect of sexual hormones on brain development and behavior.  In this teleseminar, we will explore the arc of gender expression over our lifespans, dipping a toe into epigenetics, taking a look at cultural effects, and we will include some ideas about what questions to ask ourselves as we bring the light of empathy to bear on our stories about ourselves and about gender.

This recording with powerpoint visuals covers:

  1. Brief Review of Brain Development and Early Gender Differences
  2. Adolescence and Gender
  3. 3. Mid-Life, Parenting and Gender
  4. Older-Life and Being Male or Female
  5. 5. Genderism: How can Empathy Change our Stories?
  6. Questions and time for integration


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