Hormones of Gender

Hormones of Gender


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One of the subjects that comes up most often in workshops is the question of women’s brains and men’s brains. Contrary to public opinion, there is little to no structural difference between women’s brains and men’s brains.  And much of what is reflected that we think of as gender difference is actually cultural.  At the same time, we live in bodies that are affected by the tides of gender hormones that flow through us. I chose this subject because of the frequency that questions come up about gender and brains, and I wanted to be fully informed and not confused when it comes to hormones.  The sweetness of diving into this subject is that it comes with an invitation to self-connection and freedom when we are considering gender.  This teleseminar will address sexuality, the modern movements to de-toxify and de-objectify and expand our gender definitions, and the glories of menopause.  Join me, Sarah Peyton, for an invitation into a deeper conversation with our bodies.


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