Migration, Moving, Home and Empathy

Migration, Moving, Home and Empathy


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We are inhabiting a world where people move globally like never before, crossing countries and continents to follow economic advantage, to be with family, to escape from war and global climate change. Even when there have been no migrations from country to country, people rarely continue to live where they were born or where they grew up. At the same time, research is starting to speak to us about the importance of home, and of the trauma inherent in making many moves. Moving many times is even one of the events classified as an “Adverse Childhood Experience” in the ACES study, a study of 17000 people that showed the difficult consequences of many common childhood experiences. Join Sarah Peyton to explore the latest research into movements of people and to think about how to bring empathy to support the growing of nourishing roots for our inner and outer migrants.


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