Money and Empathy

Money and Empathy


Product Description

Monthly IPNB and Empathy ZOOM Webinar in March, Tuesday evening 3/20 at 7pm Pacific time

(90 minutes with optional 30 min q&a afterwards)

Are you often stretching beyond what you have, financially? Is it difficult to find your way to sustainability and ease with money? Money and sustainability are complicated issues, interlaced with the traumas of scarcity, betrayal, loss, disappointment, and the abandonment of relationality. Empathy and resonance can help, particularly when we know where to look for the wounds that need healing. Spend 90 minutes with Sarah to explore how to create a different relationship with money.

  • If you purchase this webinar before the listed above, you will receive access to join the webinar live from your mobile device or desktop/laptop computer (using ZOOM webinar technology). You’ll then receive access to the recording and downloadable slides within 48-hours after the webinar.
  • If you purchase this webinar after the live date, you will receive immediate access to the recording and downloadable slides.


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