Parenting Brain: Facilitating Repair

Parenting Brain: Facilitating Repair


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Some of the most joyful moments of human existence are the times when we feel a sweet connection with our children, or as children when we feel a tender love for and appreciation for our parents. And yet, the parent-child relationship is often the most fraught with tension and unresolved pain.  The surprising and hopeful teaching from the world of attachment research is not that we have to be in synch with our children all the time, but that the most important thing is knowing how to make repairs, noticing that they are needed, and taking action to carry them out. In honor of this, April’s teleseminar will offer knowledge and processes to support the movement toward repair and connection, whether we are a parent reaching for a child (young or grown), or a child working to find the basis for mourning and healing a difficult connection with a parent.


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