Self-Care for the Brain: Glial Cells, Memory and Empathy

Self-Care for the Brain: Glial Cells, Memory and Empathy


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***NEW FEATURE*** For the first time this webinar will take place using Zoom online video technology, so you can directly view Sarah’s slides, and see others on the call. (You have the option to show or hide your video, and you do not need to have a webcam or computer to participate; phone-only connection is still available.)

What kinds of self-care make your brain cells happy? What supports the work of the glial cells, the brain’s own clean-up and nourishment crew? What is the impact of sugar, street drugs, prescription drugs, different kinds of food, supplements and exercise? If we have resistance to self-care, what might it be based in? Can empathy be an effective support for making healthy brain choices? Join Sarah in September for an overview of theories of brain care and an exploration of the power of empathy to support positive choices.

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