The Exuberant Adolescent Brain

The Exuberant Adolescent Brain


Product Description

The Exuberant Adolescent Brain: Enjoying What Is
Celebrating Empathy and Self-Compassion

Hang on!  Let go!  How do we find a balance when we are parenting or helping to hold space for teenagers?  And what if we are called to work with difficult life events that happened to us when we were teenagers?  Either way, the more we know about adolescents’ brains, and our own brains in relationship to theirs, the easier it is to find the space for resonance, connection and self-compassion.

This recording with powerpoint visuals covers:

  • What is happening in the adolescent brain?
  • What about risk taking and impulsivity?
  • Addiction and alcohol abuse
  • Attachment in the teen brain
  • Questions and Time for Integration