The Forgiveness Journey: What Empathy Gives Us

The Forgiveness Journey: What Empathy Gives Us


Product Description

This teleseminar follows the progression of our journey through forgiveness.  We look at how what we know about the brain and interpersonal neurobiology plays a role in keeping us trapped in the ever-present past, or letting us move forward toward meaning-making.  What happens when we slow the ever-present past down and add empathy and a connection to the body?  Lively, interactive presentation with visuals.

This recording with powerpoint visuals covers:

  1. What is Forgiveness?
  2. Brief review of the brain
  3. The neurobiology of anger
  4. The ever-present past
  5. A proposed forgiveness progression
  6. What happens when we add empathy?
  7. Finding balance and meaning
  8. Questions and time for integration


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