The Purpose of Shame and the Power of Empathy

The Purpose of Shame and the Power of Empathy


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Shame is a rarely discussed but very commonly felt emotion, and the intensity of the shame experience can be confusing and overwhelming.  In this month’s teleseminar we will be exploring the early roots of shame, its relationship with regulation, how our windows of tolerance interact and when shame arises, and how to use empathy and Interpersonal Neurobiology to construct self-compassion and understanding that will sustain us even when we find ourselves in a world of shame.

This class will cover:

  1. Brief Review of the Brain and the Polyvagal System
  2. Windows of Tolerance and Self-Regulation
  3.  The Sense of Self and Shame – When Shame is Toxic
  4. Shame as Trauma
  5. Using Empathy with Single-Incident Shame
  6. Using Empathy with Toxic Shame
  7. Questions and time for integration