The Shadow: IPNB and Empathy

The Shadow: IPNB and Empathy


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Monthly IPNB and Empathy ZOOM Webinar in April, Tuesday evening 4/17 at 7pm Pacific time

(90 minutes with optional 30 min q&a afterwards)

What do we not know about ourselves? We don’t know what we have made agreements with ourselves not to see. We don’t know what has not yet emerged. We don’t know how we look from outside ourselves. And we don’t know what has been obscured by trauma. All of these things are our shadow, the part of ourselves that is hidden from us because we can only see what is in the light.

Having a shadow is integral to being human. If we know this, we can mitigate our tendency to harm, both to self and others. This webinar explores what the research shows us about what we don’t even suspect about ourselves and our brains, and which parts of our brain do the most harm when we know nothing about them, including:

  • The left shift into non-relational space
  • Unconscious bias
  • Right hemisphere In-group/out-group
  • Unconscious contracts and unheld traumas which bind our circuits of motivation and emotion together, making the doing of harm compulsive
  • The collective cultural shadow, where we see in others what we disown in ourselves.


  • If you purchase this webinar before the listed above, you will receive access to join the webinar live from your mobile device or desktop/laptop computer (using ZOOM webinar technology). You’ll then receive access to the recording and downloadable slides within 48-hours after the webinar.
  • If you purchase this webinar after the live date, you will receive immediate access to the recording and downloadable slides.



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