How Accompaniment Changes and Heals the Default Mode Network

How Accompaniment Changes and Heals the Default Mode Network

The world of neuroscience is a funny one… I laugh when I see popular science articles touting the “newest discovery in trauma healing,” or the radical new research that “unveils astounding insights about what it is to be human,” or Time magazine’s “Mindfulness: The New Science of Health and Happiness.”


Here’s the joke: these discoveries aren’t “new” exactly, instead they represent a shift in mainstream science and psychology to re-incorporate ancient and indigenous understandings of what is it to be human: inherently connected to all life, in a web of belonging.


This, combined with research technologies such as the fMRI, helps empirical science “prove” what we already know in our hearts: that humans thrive in collaboration and connection! Thus, it follows that healing trauma is a process of bringing integration where the psyche has become fragmented and has forgotten our inherent connectedness to all life.


Bringing resonance and accompaniment back to our wounded selves is the key to healing brains that have been fragmented by traumatic experience.


These are the insights that intact indigenous cultures have known for millennia; what mystery schools and various wisdom lineages are pointing to, when they share tools for healing the fragmentation that occurs when humans become separated from our birthright of connectedness and interbeing.


The undercurrent of what I teach, no matter what the headline of the workshop is, is about how to support ourselves and others to return to a state of unity, where we are not separate from other living beings but inherently connected in an ecosystem of wholeness.


I use relational neuroscience to share these insights because I find it helpful (and magical! and astoundingly interesting!) to understand WHY accompaniment and resonance works.


In the 4-minute video below I talk about this very thing: we can heal brains using many modalities ranging from shamanic soul retrieval to clinical settings using resonance of the therapist:

As long as there is a baseline understanding that we must bring a resourced being (our resonating self-witness, or a spirit animal, or a sacred tree we love, or even a loving animal companion who can accompany us) into warm, understanding contact with the fragmented and lost parts of ourselves.


In mid-October I’ll be teaching about the default mode network and how we can use resonance to create closeness and safety for intimacy and relationships. Learn more at this link:

Clearing Echoes of the Past, Removing Connection Blocks, Making Way for Change to Come


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