New to Self Empathy? Start Here – Video Podcasts

In this podcast series, Sarah demonstrates how she talks to herself with warmth and compassion, and how this practice is the first step in developing our Resonating Self Witness. You can watch these on YouTube or view them below.

Note that I use second-person when I talk to myself with resonance; try it and you'll see how helpful this can be in developing and learning to talk with your own resonating compassionate self-witness!

Self-Empathy: How to invite self-understanding

How to speak to regret when someone is deceased

How to be with your body as it ages

Self-Empathy for Your Inner Critic: How to Speak to Shame

How to have compassion for struggling to self-care

How to distinguish self-empathy from self-reassurance

How to talk to your aging self

 How to calm your alarmed mind

How to be with your worry for the world

How to self-care when traveling somewhere new

How to talk to shock

How to care for yourself after receiving criticism

How to speak to your ever-busy self

How to be with anticipation and uncertainty

How to support yourself in the political climate

How to talk to yourself when sick